3 ‘Hot’ Romance Novels to Keep Readers Cool When It’s Sweltering

(DGIwire) – Let’s face it: the summer months can be brutally hot…and those days will be here soon. But there’s another kind of “heat” in the summer that’s not so bad—the kind readers feel when dipping into their favorite romance novels. For all those who are already planning to get some reading done this summer, here are some of the best recent titles to seek out and order now:

  • California Girls by Susan Mallery: It’s been a very rough week for these three sisters: Finola just discovered her boyfriend is having an affair, Zennie broke up with her boyfriend and Ali’s fiancé called off their wedding by sending his brother to dump her. Rough! So the sisters are off to Cali to get some sun and start over. And maybe indulge in new romances, too, reports Chatelaine.com.
  • Meet Cute by Helena Hunting: What happens when a woman finds herself draped over her teenage crush, former actor Daxton Hughes? As Chatelaine.com notes, she fangirls, of course—and if she’s Kailyn Flowers, she goes one step further and professes her love to him. This could’ve been a humiliating moment, but Daxton and Kailyn end up becoming good friends—until he betrays her. Years later, Daxton is back and just as handsome as ever, and he desperately needs Kailyn’s help.
  • Second Chance for Love by Ginni Conquest: Suffering from a devastating loss, Rebecca Forrester is finding it hopeless to move forward with her life. When an unexpected visitor arrives, he forecasts a beautiful life for her if she is willing to open her heart and mind to change. It’s this change that will bring James Collinson into her life but is he willing to let another woman into his life while battling his own heartbreak? Could James be the answer to Rebecca’s happiness? Is there a second chance for both of them to find love again?

For those who find that Conquest page-turner compelling, there are plenty more to choose from. Ms. Conquest’s romance books are highly recommended for those seeking to relax, let loose, imagine, have fun and explore an author who has even more books in the pipeline. Her characters experience dizzying rushes of emotion that make readers cheer for their ultimate unity and happiness. The conflicts are plausible, the pressures relatable.

In 2016, Ms. Conquest wrote and released not one but three novels that coincided with holidays.  Valentine’s Day delivered A Crime of the Heart; Memorial Day, A Love in Name Only; and Labor Day, Love Never Fails. Her previous novel, Desire’s Way, was published in April 2017, while Second Chance for Love was released in March 2018. Her next book, A Love Forever, will be the sequel to A Love in Name Only.

And as the mercury in the thermometer keeps rising, so will the temperature of those who turn to Ginni Conquest’s sizzling books!

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