A Children’s Toy That Doesn’t Add to the House Clutter

Packable Pails 1

(DGIwire) — Everybody wants a clutter-free home. But what some might not realize is that a tidy house or apartment has benefits that stretch far beyond aesthetics and organization. According to a professional organizer quoted by WebMD, clutter is bad for our physical and mental health. Too much clutter can be a fire hazard. Dust, mold and animal dander that collects in cluttered homes are all bad for allergies and asthma.

The changing of the seasons, bring a good opportunity for people to go through their homes and throw out what they no longer use or need. But what about the seasonal staples—for example, the pails that kids use at the beach all summer long? Two options arise: either throw them out and repurchase next summer (a waste of money)—or shove them into some cabinet and hope they can be found next summer (a waste of space).

One Iowa mother knew there had to be a better solution and invented Packable Pails— traditional, full-sized beach pails that easily collapse into a two-inch square, allowing them to be stored very easily and eliminating the clutter of traditional, bulky pails.

The best part about decluttering the house is knowing exactly where everything is, and the ReviewLoft team learned that these Packable Pails will be something children will be grabbing for not just in the summer. So keep them handy and stored low!

And it’s not just about sand on the beach. Anyone with small children can attest to their love for collecting things—sticks, bugs, crayons, coins—and their tendency to ask their mothers to hold on to their collections for them. Now parents can hand their kids the Packable Pail to hold their treasures—and when they are finished, fold it down and store it (because it is so easy to do so) for a later date.

Goodbye messes—and hello happy children and relieved parents!

ReviewLoft received a Packable Pail, used it to organize and decided we liked it…so we wrote this review. No other goods or services were received.