A New Medical Thriller Is a Health Book in Disguise

man reading a book

(DGIwire) — When respected surgeon and faculty member of the University of California San Diego Medical School, Dr. Kelly Parsons, penned his first novel Doing Harm, Stephen King tweeted that it was “the best damn medical thriller” he’d read in 25 years.   Surprisingly though, for those who’ve read it, many actually call it the “best damn health book” they’ve ever read.

How does a book that has people comparing its author to such great medical thriller writers such as Robin Cook and Michael Crichton get analogized to the health genre? After all, the health book space is filled with one author after another touting yet another way to achieve greater health, stay out of the hospital and live a long life: So why are people calling Doing Harm a health book?

It’s all in the tale. Quite deftly, Dr. Parsons shares a gripping and twisting tale of fiction that delivers equal doses of fact intertwined with fiction. The book serves up a not-so-subtle reminder that if it can be avoided—the last place any of us wants to end up is in the hospital!

Doing Harm paints a vivid picture of the competitive, ego-driven realm of a world-class teaching hospital and the kind of personalities that thrive there. The attention to detail keeps the action chillingly plausible. It is a heart-pounding story of a hospital-based killer intent on playing a deadly game. The story centers on Dr. Steve Mitchell, happily married with a wife and two kids and in line for a coveted position at Boston’s University Hospital. Yet, by his own doing, his world goes awry. Over-reaching ambition causes him to botch a major surgery, and then another of his patients mysteriously dies. Steve’s nightmare goes from bad to worse when he learns that the mysterious death was no accident but the act of a sociopath for whom killing is more than a means to an end: it’s a game.

So, next time you’re wondering how you’re going to lose that tire you’ve been carrying or if you need inspiration to get up and take a walk? Read Doing Harm. You’ll be newly inspired to take care of your health…and you’ll be “thrilled” you did.

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