A One-Stop Shop Makes It Less Laborious to Stock Laboratories

Research microscope

(DGIwire) — Modern bioscience research laboratories are faced with many challenges. One of the most important involves keeping up with the latest technology: selecting and ordering new equipment for a laboratory can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there is a relatively easy way to go about ordering equipment, so that researchers can focus their efforts on their experiments and not on hunting for the right high-tech tools.

This option is available to life scientists thanks to Harvard Bioscience. The Holliston, MA-based company is a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of specialized products sold and distributed to thousands of researchers in over 100 countries. The bulk of their products are scientific instruments used to advance life science research; some of the most important discoveries in the life sciences have been made using the company’s tools. The company fulfills its customers’ needs through the convenience of its catalogs and website.

Harvard Bioscience began in 1901 at Harvard University when Dr. William T. Porter, dissatisfied with the poor quality of the equipment the school provided for him, began manufacturing his own. Dr. Porter went on to create and publish the American Journal of Physiology and became one of the leading physiologists of his day. His tools quickly gained an enviable reputation for quality and reliability and became the seed for what the company has grown into.

“We want scientists to spend their time on experiments, which is why we’re dedicated to helping them find and order the highest-quality tools,” said Jeffrey A. Duchemin, President and CEO of Harvard Bioscience. “Our company, which has the most advanced instruments on the market, offers a one-stop shop for all experimentation needs. Our goal is to become the leading provider for life science research laboratories.”

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