A RevOlution in Balance


(DGIwire) – What can you buy a kid who lives and breathes skateboarding? Certainly a skateboard, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, t-shirts, protective gear and a helmet are all good ideas. Then, of course, there are sneakers, which are a complete necessity about every three weeks thanks to the effects of grip tape and sidewalks! But what if the kid is turning 13, already has a board sponsor, a pro skateboarder has given him trucks, a few companies are all offering him t-shirts because he’s got online videos tre flipping an 8 stair?! Like I said, what is a fun present, besides a summer at Camp Woodward, for an athlete that thinks skateboarding is as important as breathing?

ReviewLoft decided to research this question. Where did we start? The internet, of course! After seeing all the usual options—which don’t get me wrong—would have all been very graciously received, we stumbled upon a site called RevBalance.com which was offering balance boards.

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-7-55-57-amAccording to the RevOlution website, balance boarding has been around since at least the 1950s. Likely, we’d guess it coincided with the advent of Cali surfing which soon spawned skateboarding when the drought of the 70s dried up all those pools leaving the ultimate vert drops for adventurous teens to explore. Over the years many different kinds of boards have been introduced, likely also to coincide with the moves from pools to streets. Traditionally balance boards have been a tool for sports trainers to help athletes in all sports to develop their balance and fitness needs. The RevOlution videos were cool. They demonstrated remarkable feats of balance on their finely crafted boards, but also kick-flips and more. Frankly, all of us at ReviewLoft who don’t skateboard but appreciate fitness and skill all wanted to try it!

The balance board package arrived in perfect condition, and we were impressed when the same day we also received an email from Brendon, the owner of RevOlution, asking if our board arrived safely. We responded that it was perfect—but we’d have to wait a few days for the birthday recipient to open the gift.

Last night, the board came out of the box. Three teen boys looked at it skeptically. But then, they got on it: The fun, stumbles, tricks, balancing challenges, shoves, kick-flips and SKATE games started! The RevOlution Balance Board was a major hit!

Best of all, balance boarding can be done just about anywhere, any time, especially indoors which is totally awesome—particularly if you live in the northeast where you have snowy winter days or anywhere when it rains, which is not good for skateboard trucks…or skaters lives!

Without a doubt, this is an excellent present for the skateboarder in your life—or for yourself or any athlete that wants to develop their balance skills. All of us at ReviewLoft will certainly be popping on it: We want a set of those 6-pack abs that look so fine on skateboarders of all ages!

Photo:  Is Jack Chipman taken from RevOlution’s corporate site.

Note: ReviewLoft purchased our RevOlution Balance Board via Amazon and we love it. So, we felt compelled to write a review!