Agenda Show Wows Attendees


(DGIwire)  —  It would have been really hard to walk through the New York City Agenda Show at the Jacob Javits Center without feeling a dose of serious invigoration. The vibe became distinct the minute attendees approached the massive custom entranceway. From garage start-ups to established elite brands, the booths were packed with activity.

Founded in 2003 by Aaron Levant as a creative lifestyle fashion trade show, Agenda shows now span six shows in three cities with over 1,000 brands exhibiting per year. The goal: Profit and grow your business in an authentic environment.

IMG_5188Authentic it was: exhibitors like Native Shoes to Vans to Stance to Burton and G-Shock to Kangol and many more.  Each serving up streetwear’s hottest trends to over 40,000 attendees in Long Beach, New York City and Las Vegas. With a more intimate setting, Agenda Show New York showcased menswear for the surf, street, skate and lifestyle culture over two days manifesting New York creativity into national market, and developing trends with staying power and profitability. Walking from booth to booth, attendees were able to see lookbooks beside full color images of inventory in perfectly glossed notebooks and order forms, of course. European, American east coast based distributors and local New York City buyers alike came together to meet sales representatives and discuss the thread connecting the lifestyle brands and make business happen.

Moving through the show, attendees could sense the business aspect of a fun streetwear culture, with a fully stocked bar at the center of the festivities and live DJ towards the custom built cafeteria. Bright colors on simple fabrics, distressed materials on everyday pieces, and bold emojis embedded onto canvas accessories seemed to mark the new trends of fall 2015 and spring 2016.

IMG_5181Nearly 13 years since the first Agenda Show with only 30 brands, the Agenda Show has transcended into an unmistakably energetic fashion trunk show with an incredibly contagious dynamism. Major celebrity brands like rapper and mogul T.I.’s Hustle Gang and rapper French Montana’s Coke Boys were also present with an after-party hosted by Wu Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah and various local DJs. There is no wonder how the Agenda Show New York reports an overall 30% increase in new retailers and buyers show over show. Their sponsors include Flexfit, Brother, Project Cobalt, Pandora, Graham Enterprises, and more.

If you get a chance to attend the next show, don’t pass it up. You will gain an insider glimpse of tomorrow’s hottest trends before you see them in the magazines and on your active lifestyle friends.

Next stop: Las Vegas, Nevada on August 17 – 19.