Be-ing an Artist


(DGIwire) — Artistic expression is sharing love for life and heartfelt pain with the world.   Art can be expressed in many forms:  something as simple as choosing to express yourself with clothing selections is just as artistic as choosing to write your thoughts on paper or painting a picture or creating a garden.  To allow your artistic nature to flourish is giving yourself permission to express yourself freely; giving yourself the right to play like a child does naturally. There are countless forms of artistic expression.  Dressing is playing with clothing.  Painting is playing with color.  Writing is playing with words. Gardening playing with dirt and plants.

So often, we don’t try new forms of expression for fear that the end “result,”  “won’t look good.”

It is easy to let our inner critic stand over us and chide us on our efforts.  Even before a project is done, we may find our inner critic voicing its opinions loudly.  Fear of this noise causes many of us to stop creating.

We wonder if we are capable.  In our high tech, 24/7 media filled world that is constantly reminding us of the mind-boggling financial rewards being reaped by others–technology billionaires, one hit wonder pop stars, new draft athletes—if we aren’t a prodigy instantly upon our first “try” the tendency is to quit…often before we even begin.

Success in anything comes from effort and the commitment to try our best.   To try whatever we want to try, despite our fears that our best may not be good enough.

You can dream in color and actualize your dreams.  As Edgar Allen Poe said, “Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”  You can make your dreams of artistic expression reality.  If you want to write, you can start simply with a piece of paper and a pen.  Yes a pen, because you won’t be erasing.  You’ll be writing!   That’s what people do who desire to express themselves as writers.  Editing is an entirely different process.   But you can’t edit until you write.

Maybe you’ll share your inner artist using paper and paint.  Get some canvas that feels good to you. Choose colors in ink or watercolor or oil or heck try finger painting!   Be random.  Layer colors.  Don’t share it if you don’t want to.  OR—post it on the new website you make that showcases all of your creations!

A gardener begins with dirt.  A single pot starts the process as good as a plot of land.   Choose your planter carefully to showcase your creation.  Till the soil.  Plant colorful flowers or vegetables.   Care for your garden.  Your inner artist will make it beautiful as you shower it with your energy and love.

Let your artistic side flourish in any way you desire.

At any moment, you are whatever you want to be.

You are.

This is good enough to accomplish anything.

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