A side story of the book is the lessons learned from Bessie as the author prepares for and begins his retirement.  The parallel journeys to new lifestyles for dog and owner are beautifully chronicled in a charming writing style that pulls you back to re-read certain chapters again and again.

An easy read filled with equal portions of chuckles and tears, the book has been warmly embraced by readers.  Available in bookstores, online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and by direct contact with the author, over 1000 copies of BESSIE’s STORY have been sold since its release in late October 2018.

BESSIE’S STORY – Watching the Lights Go Out is thoughtfully described by these excerpts from reader’s reviews:

 “Bessie has wonderful lessons for you–and the author articulates them with powerful insights and gentle grace.”

 “…sentimental without being schmaltzy, uplifting without being preachy, and a reminder of why we like dogs in the first place.”

“Bessie’s Story is not one of sorrow, but rather of triumph over adversity, adaptation and a never-ending love of life.”

 “Fear not, this is no sob story. Nor do Bessie’s lessons feel like lessons. The author conveys her example of dignity with a “Live in the now” enthusiasm. If Bessie could read she would be pleased that her owner both got the point and expressed it well.”

“The author did a masterful job telling her story with love, compassion and wit.”

“This story will capture your heart and offer many inspirational life lessons!”

“…an amazing story of Bessie and what we can learn from her.  Read it. Enjoy it. And then go on and live your life like Bessie”.

“BESSIE’S STORY – Watching the Lights Go Out is the best book I have read in years.  Each chapter had fun and meaning.” 

Author Thomas Farmen and his wife Ashley spent their entire 42 year careers at a small boarding school in Connecticut.  Now retired and living in rural New Hampshire, they have made spreading the message of Bessie’s Story their new life’s work.  With Bessie in tow they speak at schools, libraries, town halls, bookstores and retirement communities to encourage enthusiasm and optimism in the midst of life’s challenges.  A portion of the proceeds from BESSIE’S STORY is donated to NEADS World Class Service Dogs.  neads.org

You can learn more about BESSIE’S STORY by visiting www.bessiesstory.com