New York Singer is ‘Lost in a Dream’ After Winning $20,000 Prize

(DGIwire) Jen Fellman was like many others in Manhattan: waitressing or bar-tending to keep a roof over her head and food in the fridge while she auditions and hopes for her big break as a singer, actress and writer. Then two great things happened:  She reached her goal on GoFundMe, raising $26,500 to pay for […]

Portraits of Fame in Black and White

(DGIwire) – “I bring music to every shoot,” writes celebrity photographer Jesse Dittmar in the opening pages of two, his extraordinary debut book. As we at ReviewLoft browsed the 62 black-and-white portraits—all taken between 2013 and 2015—in this impressive, oversized volume, we felt the music as well: the rhythms of Dittmar’s keen photographic talents and […]

Love the Arts? How to Be Supportive on a Budget

(DGIwire) — Want to support the arts but feeling a bit like Cinderella who can’t quite afford the ball? That’s understandable – at this year’s Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute benefit (commonly known as the Met Gala), a single ticket cost about $30,000 and a table cost about $275,000, according to the Metropolitan Museum […]

Celebrating Freddie Mercury

(DGIwire) — Freddie Mercury, co-founder of the band QUEEN, died 25 years ago today, on November 24, 1991. I will always feel sad when I wonder about what amazing music and creativity was robbed from all of us far too soon due to his untimely death at the young age of 45 from AIDS. My first […]

What Keeps New York’s Fashion Industry Humming? People, People, People

(DGIwire) – The days before Fashion Week in New York City are perhaps the busiest in the city’s apparel industry. Frantic designers rush around looking for gold buttons with blue inlay, for seamstresses to make pleats and for patternmakers with spare fabric. They make modifications to dresses in real time under enormous deadline pressures. Yet […]

The Hottest Song of Summer Will Be…

(DGIwire) – What will be this year’s hottest “song of summer?” The answer for us at ReviewLoft is whatever is being played on Letv’s Bluetooth speaker. This nifty speaker is simple. Just one button turns on the speaker and pairs it with any Bluetooth-compatible device. We used the speaker to belt along with Beyonce’s Lemonade, […]

Two Hip Family-Friendly Shows in NYC Put a New Spin on Holiday Classics

(DGIwire) — As the holidays are upon us, there’s nothing quite like live theater to enjoy as a family activity, especially in New York City, the home for magical holiday performances. Families looking for alternatives to Radio City, while still embracing tradition, are turning to these two enchanting, reimagined productions that are sure to put […]

Agenda Show Wows Attendees

(DGIwire)  —  It would have been really hard to walk through the New York City Agenda Show at the Jacob Javits Center without feeling a dose of serious invigoration. The vibe became distinct the minute attendees approached the massive custom entranceway. From garage start-ups to established elite brands, the booths were packed with activity. Founded […]

Counterfeit Musical Instruments Sound a Sour Note

(DGIwire) — Here’s the scenario. Someone’s been looking for a Martin guitar for about a year, but he can’t find one within his price range. They’re great guitars—he saw Jeff Daniels holding one on the cover of Guitar Aficionado and knew he had to have it—but every one he finds is a little more than he can […]

The Grand Illusion of Fame and Drug Addiction

(DGIwire) — Some people say that much of the best art, music and literature has been created by artists while they were “under the influence” of drugs. These critics might cite The Velvet Underground’s song “Heroin,” The Beatles’ classic  “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” or the works of punk artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Drug use, […]

“The Voice”: New Season, More Business Lessons

 (DGIwire) — The Voice is now searching for its next set of superstars.  Entering this season, a large part of the show’s mass appeal will continue to stem from one fact: In our lives—whether we are managing relationships, children or employees—we are all hoping to develop the best possible “team” for success. On some level, we can all […]

Protecting Independent Artists in the Complex World of Music Publishing

 (DGIwire) – Imagine someone who’s always loved music and is now aiming to turn their passion into a profession. They’ve even written a few songs. Friends and family are telling them they’ve got what it takes to become the Next Big Thing in music, and they’ve even scored a regular gig at a local restaurant […]

Manhattan Center Productions Prepares for Bigger Piece of Recording World Pie

(DGIwire) – Back in April 2014, many of Lady Gaga’s “little monsters”—as well as fans of New Zealand’s pop darling Lorde—were on hand to attend their consecutive performances in the intimate setting of the Roseland Ballroom. Both events were bittersweet: Roseland shut its doors that month. At one time a New York institution, rent costs and other factors […]

Calling Liam Gallagher: Private Recording Oasis in NYC

(DGIwire) — New York City is a recording artist’s dream. But with so many recording studios in every borough, and with each one offering something different, it can sometimes be a daunting task to choose the right one. The important questions to ask are these: Is it best to use a studio with a tucked-away, […]