REVIEW: A Soccer Mom’s New Best Friend and the 2016 “It” Stocking Stuffer!

(DGIwire) — ReviewLoft was recently given a product to review that three staffers immediately saw three different uses for. “Wine!” cried the first staffer. “Sports!” cheered the second. “Listen to this neat popping sound this thing makes when you pull it apart!” said the third. No matter what the preferred use, no one could deny […]

Skate Free Miami: A Lot, Vision, Passion and Community Spirit

(DGIwire) – Look closely at this picture because Skate Free at Lot 11 in Miami, FL is a prime example of what can happen when three people who share a vision and passion—and an immense love for skateboarding—come together for the benefit of many, working with city officials to bring positive change to their community. Professional […]

Check In & Relax Like a Celebrity

(DGIwire) – This review almost didn’t get posted because sometimes in life, it’s natural to just want to keep a great hideaway a secret. However, since our ReviewLoft policy is to share reviews on all things remarkable and that we have come to love…our All Star Review Team would be remiss if we didn’t tell […]

Protect Your Valuables and Identity with Two Unique Bluetooth Trackers

(DGIwire) – Identity theft has dominated recent headlines. In 2014, the number of data breaches detected in the U.S. hit a record high of 783, comprising more than 83 million personal records stolen. So far in 2015, there have been more than 505 data breaches with almost 140 million records stolen, according to the Identity […]

How to Keep Hydrated When Far from Home

(DGIwire) — Most of us with access to clean, safe water take it for granted. We take long showers, brush our teeth and cook with tap water, and, in some places, have no concerns about drinking water straight from the faucet in the kitchen sink. However, if you run out of water on a long hike […]

Shield Against Credit Card Data Theft

(DGIwire) — Take a close look at your credit and debit cards. Do any of them have a chip embedded in the front and a small icon with a set of concentric lines? If so, it’s an RFID (radio frequency identity) card—a “contactless” card that can be read from a nearby point-of-sale terminal or at […]

World Traveler Turned Resort Owner: Mexican Villa Offers Delights

(DGIwire) — Liz Conover has lived on three continents, worked in 10 countries and logged four million miles. Before she landed in Akumal, Mexico, she was a global nomad who loved to get on an airplane. Yet, most hotel rooms had started to look the same to her. Channeling her world travel experiences, she began […]

Summer Vacation Tips

(DGIwire) – Now that school is officially out across the country, a large number of couples and families still are planning to take a summer vacation. When it comes to booking a summer vacation, there are a number of ways that you can make your reservations. Before making summer vacation reservations, obviously you will have […]

Travel Tips for Diabetics

(DGIwire) –Planning ahead when you travel is always a smart move to reduce stress. If you are diabetic or traveling with one, planning becomes extra important. These 5 diabetes travel tips are easy and may prove crucial to not only your diabetic management, but to a more enjoyable—whether an outing for the day or a […]