Fake Pills Place Pressure on Global Pharmaceutical Industry

(DGIwire) — When people think of counterfeiters, they often think of men clandestinely printing off scores of illicit $20 bills in shady warehouses by moonlight. Perhaps Leonardo DiCaprio’s character from Catch Me If You Can or Willem Dafoe’s more sinister counterpoint in To Live and Die in LA come to mind. But many people don’t […]

Beyond the Cloud: Securing Data in Our DNA?

(DGIwire)    Vint Cerf is one smart man. Widely recognized as one of the fathers of the internet, Cerf is currently vice president of Google. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005. Simply put, the modern web would not exist without him. Recently, at age 71, Cerf dropped a new technology bombshell: […]

Earth Day is Every Day with this Technology

(DGIwire)  It’s April 22nd and that can only mean one thing, it’s Earth Day! Today marks the 45th anniversary of the annual day of action: A day when billions of people worldwide pledge to undertake “green” initiatives to help the planet and reduce our carbon footprints by taking preventative measures such as planting trees, picking […]

China’s Air Pollution Plan: An Uncomfortable Choice

(DGIwire) — “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” wrote Spanish philosopher George Santayana. His words certainly ring true today for many reasons, but particularly when focusing on industrialization in modern cities. Most American and English high school students learn about the Industrial Revolution, the period in the early 20th century […]

Impostors Beware: New Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Derails Theft

(DGIwire) — Counterfeiting is not a victimless crime. It is one of the fastest-growing crimes, threatening jobs and even endangering public health. In recent years, the Department of Homeland Security has seized over $1 billion in counterfeit goods at U.S. borders. Counterfeiting can also be a huge safety issue. Not too long ago, even luxury British […]

The DNA of Security: A Winning Combo for Home Safety

(DGIwire) — Burglaries are a nightmare scenario. Let’s say someone is out to dinner with their family—and they feel secure since they know they’ve locked the door and set the alarm. However, when they return, the front door is broken and everything that can be lifted—that new flat-screen TV, a laptop, a priceless work of […]

Counterfeit Musical Instruments Sound a Sour Note

(DGIwire) — Here’s the scenario. Someone’s been looking for a Martin guitar for about a year, but he can’t find one within his price range. They’re great guitars—he saw Jeff Daniels holding one on the cover of Guitar Aficionado and knew he had to have it—but every one he finds is a little more than he can […]

Unique Technology “Smokes” Out Criminals

(DGIwire) — On April 4, 2011, the SecureCash cash depot outside Rotterdam, the Netherlands, was eerily quiet in the early morning hours, behind two stories of barbed wire and multiple security posts. Suddenly, out of a light mist, a black, new-model BMW M5 screamed to a stop. Five figures ran from the car, somehow making […]

Plant DNA’s Starring Role in Protecting Our Cars from Theft.

(DGIwire) — If real life were anything like Hollywood movies, car thefts would be quick, flashy and go unpunished by law enforcement…especially if the person who stole the car is the movie’s hero, played by a handsome A-list actor. Audiences actually root for these characters, recklessly driving stolen Lamborghinis to pursue a “bad guy.” After […]

Diet, Health, Sex and Performance

(DGIwire)  People are always asking about which diet and foods are best for them.  Some want to lose weight, others want to increase athletic performance and many just want to be healthier or just feel better.  Some just want more energy for better sex. They usually expect the recommendations to depend on the question or […]

Counterfeit Medicine: Can a Biotech Help Solve the Problem?

(DGIwire) — The number of “rogue” wholesale distributors selling fake or unapproved prescription drugs is growing, so people in the healthcare industry—including doctors, hospital drug purchasers and drugstore managers—need to be vigilant when purchasing medicines. This has become such a widespread issue that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently launched a campaign to […]

How Mother Nature Can Prevent Bank Robberies

(DGIwire) – We might think of bank robbery as something romantic, in a way, as many people unfortunately do. Why? Well, when we hear the names John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd or Bonnie and Clyde, it brings to mind some daring, larger-than-life characters, along with a bygone era in which men wore hats, women were called dames, […]

Giving the U.S. Navy More Than a GHOST of a Chance to Stamp Out Piracy

(DGIwire) – It’s clear that the lethal and costly reality of maritime piracy must be addressed. A report by Intercargo, an industry group representing global owners of dry cargo vessels, calculates that since 2008, gangs of Somali pirates on the eastern coast of Africa have carried out more than 800 attacks on ships, from private yachts […]

Charting New Territory in Laboratory Automation

(DGIwire) — It’s been about 15 years since the first total laboratory automation solutions were introduced into clinical laboratories in the United States. The trend actually started in the mid-1990s, when several commercial laboratory companies and a handful of hospital laboratories took the plunge and installed total laboratory automation systems in their core high-volume labs. […]

Thieves Beware: You’re Already Marked Men

(DGIwire) — We’ve all seen this movie before: a masked man bursts into a drugstore, waving a gun in the air and demanding all the money in the register—and some pills to sell on the street. The clerk gives the money up, keeping his eyes down; he doesn’t want to see the guy’s face, which […]