Celebrating Freddie Mercury


(DGIwire) — Freddie Mercury, co-founder of the band QUEEN, died 25 years ago today, on November 24, 1991. I will always feel sad when I wonder about what amazing music and creativity was robbed from all of us far too soon due to his untimely death at the young age of 45 from AIDS.

My first exposure to QUEEN came from A Night at the Opera, the album that brought the band worldwide acclaim and bridged them from hard rock to pop audiences. With much enthusiasm and no regrets I spent my hard earned babysitting at the record store purchasing every other prior QUEEN album. I loved those vinyls, liner notes, lyrics and album art. I was shocked and awed with how each album differentiated itself musically. I became a card-carrying member of the QUEEN Fan Club and learned all kinds of little known QUEEN facts. I went to my imgresfirst QUEEN concert with my mother. She got up with me ridiculously early and let me be late for school so we could be first in line for the tickets. The concert was memorable in every way. The New York Yankees had just won the World Series and Freddie came out in a Yankee uniform. The crowd went wild. A minute into the concert my mother shouted in my ear: Is he saying what I think he is?! I pretended that I couldn’t hear her as I didn’t want to admit that yes, she heard the opening song correctly which was “Tie Your Mother Down.” To this day, it’s still an inside joke that both my Mom and I share—and we thank Freddie for it. My Mother became a Fan. She surprised me with four tickets the following year when the QUEEN Tour returned.

Countless music publications have all voted Mr. Mercury as the best male vocalist and singer in popular music. Mr. Mercury along with his band mates astounded audiences worldwide with orchestrations that prior were unheard of in the world of rock music. His vocals ranged imgres-1from growling bass to vibrant soprano with a striking vibrato. QUEEN songs ranged from hard driving rock (Seven Seas of Rhye) to ballads (These Are the Days of Our Lives or Love of My Life) to operatic hits (Bohemian Rhapsody) to pop hits like (Crazy Little Thing Called Love) to stadium standards (We Are the Champions.) QUEEN’s musical contributions also cover rockabilly, progressive rock, heavy metal, gospel and disco as well. With finesse, Mr. Mercury could sing them all as if each represented his preferred genre. The band captured the broadest essence of music while reaching deep into the hearts of audiences, filling massive stadiums in countries across the globe.

Freddie Mercury teased, astounded, shocked, awed and inspired his fans with his remarkable vocal range, musicianship and theatrical performances. QUEEN concerts were shows. Prancing and dancing in tights while singing like a virtuoso, Mr. Mercury held audiences in the palm of his hand and every attendee stood, sang along and cheered while feeling intimately connected to the man.

Mr. Freddie Mercury was the Voice, the Artist, the Performer. He left us too soon. Yet, I, and others as well, will all be grateful for the time he lived and shared his talents with us.

Contributed by Queen Fan and Cheerleader for the Greatness in All of Us, Dian Griesel.