Dating After Divorce: What the Silver Generation Should Know

(DGIwire) – Done with that divorce and looking for a new relationship? Especially after age 55, it’s natural for the newly single to be apprehensive as they get back into the dating game. But there are lots of great insights to draw on—especially from members of the Silver Disobedience™ movement, a large and growing group of men and women who are rebelling against ageism and living their life to the fullest. What do some of these “Silver Disobedients” have to say?

“Silver daters are interested in a companion to share experiences and activities with, not necessary to fall head over heels in love with,” says Justin Lavelle, Chief Communications Director for “They are usually in the prime of their lives with energy and the desire to participate in life via dining, hobbies, sports and travel, and they want to share that with someone they enjoy being with.”

One challenge associated with dating at age 55 and above is getting a handle on the technological aspects of modern romance. “Some people feel as if they are missing out if they aren’t on social media or dating apps,” says Lisa Concepcion, founder of LoveQuest Coaching™. “This demographic often feels disconnected and too busy to spend time online trying to meet people. The best thing these individuals can do is to join or start a local meetup group that goes out to eat together once a week. Dating sites aren’t for everyone and apps aren’t appealing to many of the over-55 crowd, but there are other ways to take control of one’s dating life.”

That need for genuine human contact is echoed by other Silver Disobedients such as Rosalind Sedacca, host of the Divorce, Dating & Powered Living! radio show and podcast. “Dating at this age is all about integrity and authenticity—finding a partner someone can trust and be totally at ease with. Pretenses are in the past. Ask questions and put that ‘BS’ detector to work. People should trust their inner radar to pick up on lies, empty promises, controlling behavior, exaggeration or manipulation.”

Ms. Conception echoes the importance of trustworthiness, adding, “Older people want to forge friendships first and establish trust…real-life experiences can boost confidence and lead the way to meeting new people.”

Mr. Lavelle adds that a sense of realism and solid identity are crucial for a good relationship at this age. “Both men and women over 55 most likely come into a new relationship with ‘baggage’ in the form of kids, a crazy ex or even three dogs. There’s nothing wrong with having a past; it will be an issue only if someone chooses to see it in a negative way.”

And in Ms. Sedacca’s view, “A keen sense of humor is really valuable at this stage of life. Find common interests to share and make every day count!”

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