DNA in Beer? Protecting the Secret Sauce? New Forensic Foundations

Glass of beer and bottle against wheat field and sunset

 (DGIwire) — On the Esquire Network television show called Brew Dogs, two passionate beer drinkers travel the world to find the best and most distinctive craft beer imaginable. In a recent episode, they made a stop in Philadelphia; their intention was to find the “most American beer ever made.” The thing that made the winning beer so “American,” besides the fact that it was brewed in Philly, was that it contained actual DNA extract from the Declaration of Independence. Sounds gross? Think again. Everything in the world contains DNA, even paper. So if these two beer lovers can figure out a way to infuse their brews with DNA, surely the power of DNA can be harnessed for more practical reasons.

The experts at Applied DNA Sciences certainly think so. Using DNA as a forensic foundation, Applied DNA designs and creates unique security solutions that address the challenges facing companies and the military in the areas of brand protection, supply chain security, item provenance, and prevention of theft. Their biotech “secret sauce,” called SigNature® DNA, is based on full, double-stranded plant DNA, which offers the infallible accuracy that only nature can provide. SigNature DNA is also durable and indelible; the mark won’t wash off, even in the face of potent industrial treatments.

Recently, Applied DNA teamed up with Centralne Biuro Zabezpieczeń (CBZ), a leading manufacturer and supplier of security products in Poland. CBZ has developed a new cash carrying case for protection against attack or theft. The case is equipped with an ink trigger laced with SigNature® DNA. Each cash case contains a unique DNA mark. This allows law enforcement agencies to forensically link suspects and valuables back to the individual cash box and crime. Once permanently marked, the thief’s guilt can be proven in a court of law.

“We are gratified to see Poland’s CBZ has embraced our SigNature DNA,” said James A. Hayward, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Applied DNA Sciences.

“Our cash in transit protection platform is well-established in the United Kingdom, and expanding across Europe. We believe that other countries will take note, and that our products can help prevent theft around the world.”

The United Kingdom has also adopted similar security solutions from Applied DNA Sciences, and these have proven successful in the battle against a great many cash-in-transit attacks. In fact, SigNature DNA has already helped law enforcement agencies convict 74 criminals for involvement in cash-in-transit and related crime, who together have received prison sentences totaling 355 years, with many more cases underway.

Currently hundreds of millions of SigNature DNA marks exist, invisibly, in the public domain, on a variety of items. They range from consumer product packaging to microcircuits, to guitars and musical equipment, fabrics and much more. Not one has ever been copied.

If the Brew Dogs ever want to stop crime instead of producing craft beer, they’re already one step ahead of the game.

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