Dreams: Inspiration for Children and Adults

Child sleeps

(DGIwire) — In the opening inscription page of a fabulous new children’s book entitled, Dreams (Pen Hen Publishing, 2013), first time author and illustrator Daniel Olsen of Orange County, New York reminds the reader to “Dream wonderful dreams until your wonderful dreams become wonderful reality.” Instinctively Olsen shares in this clever children’s book what Edgar Allen Poe shared with adults when he said: “Those who dare to dream by day are cognizant of many things missed by those who dream only by night.”

A happily married father of four boys, Olsen says his inspiration for writing his first tome, was the wide-eyed wonder of his children. He recalls how his eldest child right though his younger ones today, sit rapt in undivided, peaceful attention while listening to the many books he’s read and continues to read. The nighttime story ritual has become his way of putting closure and closeness to their busy days and schedules that often finally connect late in the evening. Olsen found that he treasures what parents and child psychologists have long espoused: that the bedtime story ritual can become the glue that not only creates bonding bedtime conversation and a peaceful night’s sleep, but it can also ultimately trigger the imagination of dreams which lead to fascinating breakfast chatter as well.

In Dreams, Olsen delivers a perfect bedtime story.   It is written in creative, easy rhyme while being magnificently and colorfully illustrated. The pages set the stage for a wonderful night’s sleep by using humor in a unique and clever way.   As Olsen encourages the reader to ponder a series of possible dream scenarios, he offers humorous possibilities for daring to dream such dreams. It is impossible for a child of any age to not drift off to sleep with a smile after reading this book.

With heart, Dreams assures the reader that all dreams are magically worthy of exploration and encourages us to all welcome these evening adventures. A perfect gift for the young or old who still carry the ultimate imagination of youth, copies can be purchased at: www.penhens.com or Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Dreams-Daniel-P-Olsen/dp/0989528006/ or Barnes & Noble https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/dreams-daniel-p-olsen/1116855747?ean=9780989528009

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