Enjoy Laughs? Don’t Miss This Book!


(DGIwire) – Is laughter truly the best medicine? While the jury is out; there is at least one undeniable comedic truth: everyone enjoys a funny joke. Whether for pure laughter’s sake or as an icebreaker, if you simply enjoy a good laugh or seek an endless supply of jokes for your personal arsenal, ReviewLoft has found the book for everyone seeking refreshing entertainment: The New York City Cab Driver’s Best Joke Book Ever!

For decades, author Jim Pietsch has been telling jokes – and it is evident from the very first page of his book. What originated as one of his pastimes and carried him through his time backpacking in Europe and as a taxi driver in New York City – to name a few of his experiences – Jim has been gathering jokes, far and wide, and as such, he can make just about anyone laugh. With The New York City Cab Driver’s Best Joke Book Ever, Jim has created a compilation of the best jokes from his past publications, which have sold a whopping 275,000 copies to date! Justified by rave reviews from attorneys, musicians, CEOs, actors and others representing nearly every walk of life, we can safely say that this is the best joke book we have ever read.

latest-book-cover-smallerThe New York City Cab Driver’s Best Joke Book Ever is the perfect gift for yourself or anyone else for any occasion. Everyone has bad days, and what better way to turn that frown upside down than with laughter? You don’t need empirical evidence to know that a great joke has the power to put a smile on anyone’s face, during the best or worst of times. Considering the book is comprised of over 150 pages, which are almost sure to induce audible laughter, you may never have a bad day again! Come to think of it, you must pick up at least two copies: one copy for your bedside table and another copy for those people in your life whom you love and never know what get for them. The New York City Cab Driver’s Best Joke Book Ever! would certainly make a great present if you’re prepared to concede your spot atop the comedic podium.

ReviewLoft thought of including a few jokes, but how does one choose a few favorites from among hundreds of jokes, where each page seems funnier than the last? Our office has been laughing hysterically for hours. If we could put the book down, we’d give it two thumbs up; until then, it gets one thumb up and a room full of adults laughing more than we thought possible.