Everything the Handsome, Well-Equipped Lab Needs to Stay Red-Hot

laboratory equipment

(DGIwire)   It’s a competitive world—everything needs an edge these days, including the research lab. If a medical practice or laboratory is looking for quality lab equipment, it is crucial to find the most reliable medical equipment supplier. When it’s time to buy new equipment, the ideal option is to purchase from a well-known company; the same holds true when it comes to leasing. Here are some points to consider:

  • Reputation and experience: Make sure to choose a supplier who is trustworthy by checking out their reputation and experience.
  • Capacity and reliability: The supplier that is selected should have the capability to meet the lab’s equipment needs.
  • Latest product range and quality: New products are being developed every day. A reliable supplier will be continuously adding new, branded equipment to its existing stock. It is important to check whether the supplier is providing the latest product range and quality products.
  • After-sales support: Apart from product sales, a reliable supplier will provide adequate after-sales support as well as installation, maintenance and repair. That’s why it is better to always look for a company that has experience and that can offer adequate after-sales support.
  • Product delivery: Many laboratory equipment suppliers offer international shipping services to supply their products to clients abroad. Necessary arrangements should be made to ensure safe and prompt delivery of the equipment.
  • Online purchasing options: Most stores now offer online services, which give the option to order a desired product by visiting the company’s website. Ordering lab equipment online can bring a lot of benefits in terms of time saved and cost-effectiveness.
  • Affordable pricing: Finally, choose a distributor offering both new and recertified equipment at competitive prices. A comparative analysis will help in the choice of a company that offers perfect service and competitive pricing.

Given the critical decisions to be made, lab managers today are consulting with Holliston, MA-based Harvard Bioscience. For more than a century, the company has served as a leading global developer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of specialized products for the ultra-well-equipped laboratory. Its products—the scientific instruments used to advance life science research—are regularly bought by thousands of researchers in more than 100 countries.

Jeffrey A. Duchemin, President and CEO of Harvard Bioscience, says, “Paying attention to detail is of paramount importance when selecting a laboratory equipment supplier. Our goal is to empower customers with advice, options and the very latest and best equipment so they can make the wisest decisions.”

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