Fake It ‘Til You Make It

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(DGIwire) —  “Acting as if” or “faking it until you make it” are effective strategies for accomplishing goals and working through challenging times.  Neither should be confused as the same as lying. As discussed in a variety of books like The TurboCharged Mind, and others written to help us reach our personal improvement goals, “acting as if” is a way of envisioning who you want to be and acting accordingly until reality catches up.

In The Language of Letting Go (Harper Collins, 1990) author Melody Beattie eloquently explains how this behavior strategy can serve as powerful change agent.

“Acting as if is a way to practice the positive. It’s a positive form of pretending. It’s a tool we use to get ourselves unstuck. It’s a tool we make a conscious decision to use.

“Acting as if can be helpful when a feeling begins to control us. We make a conscious decision to act as if we feel fine and are going to be fine.

“When a problem plagues us, acting as if can help us get unstuck. We act as if the problem will be or already is solved, so we can go on with our life.

“Often, acting as if we are detached will set the stage for detachment to come in and take over.

“There are many areas where acting as if will set the stage for the reality we desire. We can act as if we love ourselves, until we actually do begin to care for ourselves. We can act as if we have a right ot say no, until we believe we do.

“We don’t pretend to have enough money to cover a check. We use acting to set the stage for new behaviors. We force ourselves into positive behaviors, disregarding our doubts and fears, until our feelings have time to catch up with reality.

“Acting as if is a positive way to overcome fears, doubts and low self-esteem. We do not have to lie; we do not have to be dishonest with ourselves. We open up to the positive possibilities of the future, instead of limiting the future by today’s feelings and circumstances.

“Acting as if helps us get past shaky ground and into solid territory.”