Five Tips for Making a Better Corporate Video

King with movie board in funny concept

(DGIwire) — Creating corporate videos can be intimidating because of how important they can be for improving an organization’s image—or not. The good part is, whatever it is that makes them unique and great, an engaging corporate video has the power to truly distinguish a company or organization. The bad part? Many struggle to grasp the audience they desire to reach—whether customer, trainee, prospective partner or investor—and further struggle to capture the culture and essence of their business.

Done right, a corporate video can surprise, intrigue and even captivate viewers. Here are five tips for better corporate videos provided by Dian Griesel, Ph.D., President of Dian Griesel International, a corporate communications firm.

Pretend It’s the First- To be truly imaginative, every notion of what a corporate video looks and sounds like needs to be forgotten. “Outside the box” concepts are not thought up while watching other corporate videos. Instead, they stray as far as possible from the boundaries of what’s been done before. If nothing else, breaking away from the conventional format will catch the viewer by surprise and have a better chance of keeping their attention.

Share the Reins- Gathering as many opinions as possible is crucial. Learning to accept constructive criticism is just as important a skill in video production as it is in the corporate setting. One hurdle that plenty of corporate leaders—especially those adamant about their company’s vision—face, is understanding that what’s most interesting to them might not be to everyone else.

Swap Shoes- When deciding what works and what doesn’t, just as in relationships, taking a look from the other person’s shoes is always the best solution. In making a corporate video, understanding the audience and the “types of shoes” they wear is even more important. Think about the people who will be watching the video and try and imagine what it should make them feel. Then come up with the most effective ways to create that feeling.

Please, Cut Out the Fat! Boredom is likened to torture in this “digital age.” A corporate video should not be an autobiography; accept that not everything can be said. Prioritize the messaging, cut, cut and cut, and then repeat. A shorter video can be just as memorable, if not more memorable, than a long one.

Formulate a Narrative: Telling a story is the perfect way to keep the attention of an audience and tie the organization to a greater purpose. There’s no need to overplay one’s staff or company—or say one is saving the world when it’s not the case—but share how even the most ordinary work affects the everyday lives of whoever will be watching the video.

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