World Traveler Turned Resort Owner: Mexican Villa Offers Delights


(DGIwire) — Liz Conover has lived on three continents, worked in 10 countries and logged four million miles. Before she landed in Akumal, Mexico, she was a global nomad who loved to get on an airplane.

Yet, most hotel rooms had started to look the same to her. Channeling her world travel experiences, she began to get a very clear picture of exactly what a private villa on the beach should be. She believed travelers desired the usual hotel comforts, but did not want to sacrifice  lack of design, inspiration, innovation, noise and crowd sharing. In other words, no mere shack on the beach would truly suffice for ideal vacation relaxation.

Having shopped the world as as Executive Director of the renown Takashimaya New York, a retail oasis that catered to the refined tastes of Paloma Picasso and Fiamma Ferragamo, Liz always had an eye for beautify coupled with peaceful relaxation.  Takashimaya New York, a favorite destination store for celebrities, is greatly missed by the cognoscenti who shopped there. Clients such as Kate Moss, Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani were regulars. When Forbes magazine interviewed Liz to ask, “What do you get someone who has everything?” she gave a television tour, pointing out items that anyone would love to receive and keep as a holiday gift.

Bringing this experience and vision, Liz was quite clear as to what to buy and, equally important, what not to when designing an ultimate vacation destination designed to depressurize. Determined to create an ocean retreat that was filled with Mayan materials, Liz began gathering a coveted collection of curated treasures from many sources far and wide.

Her travels ultimately resulted in discovering an exotic Mexican locale, where she ultimately turned a seven-bedroom residence into a rental villa that is now booked at holiday times a year in advance. Many celebrities, including Peyton Manning and countless Broadway musical stars, have rented the villa for a week or two. Tucked between busy Playa del Carmen and Tulum, Zen Akumal is close enough to the action in both towns yet secluded on its own private jade beach.

Zen Akumal has a 60-foot-long pool on the ocean. It offers king-sized bedrooms en suite and is fully staffed with services. It might be the hottest ticket around for those wanting an alternative to overcrowded all-inclusives.

Rather than spending thousands of dollars per night for the whole villa, guests can snag a king-sized room from $400 a night for two in a non-holiday period with a three-night minimum. Zen Akumal has a no-wedding and no-children policy.

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