Get in Shape: Eat Like This

dieta equilibrada.

(DGIwire)  Did you ever wonder what you should eat to be healthy or to lose weight or to improve their body composition? Betcha have.  The answer is exactly the same for all three questions: Only difference is that the quantities change.  Eat the right foods and your diet will deliver health, fat loss and ideal body composition.

There are no special foods, supplements, hormones or drugs that will miraculously transform you.  By eating a diet built around the type of foods our bodies have adapted to over our long evolutionary timeline, things tend to take care of themselves.

Archeological evidence has shown that humans have been here on earth for a very long time; tens-of thousands and perhaps hundreds-of-thousands of years.  We have consistently survived when many other species have not.  Over this period of time, our surviving and thriving was accomplished without any of the man-made products so commonly consumed today. 

“We now enjoy many helpful and health promoting innovations like medical care for acute conditions, sanitation, shelter, refrigeration, access to fresh food products and a safer, less harsh environment in general to name a few.  However, we have definitely taken a turn for the worse in some areas.  Modern food processing and manufactured food products are an example,” according to Tom Griesel, co-author of the health book TurboCharged.

We evolved in an environment where we had to work for our food and food sources were often scarce.  Researchers estimate we may have experienced hunger 30% of the time.  This is what we are biologically adapted to deal with.

However, when we fast forward to the last 120 years in particular, it is like we have been suddenly transported to an alien planet.  Food is now abundant and we really don’t need to physically work to procure it.  We can use our phones and have it delivered right to our doorstep.  There are now many choices that excite our taste buds but are totally foreign to our digestive systems and harmful to our physiology.

Modern communication has been critical in facilitating advancement in many areas but not necessarily when it comes to your health and wellbeing.  Modern mass marketing techniques, powerful food lobbies and special interest groups, pharmaceutical companies and the current information overload of conflicting and often erroneous diet and health guidelines have mostly resulted in confusion and ultimately poor choices.

Tom Griesel adds, “We evolved on a diet of fresh, whole, seasonal food choices.  This is what our bodies are best adapted to process.  If a modern food choice was not available 40 thousand years ago, it would be best for your health to avoid it.  Our bodies and physiology cannot adapt as quickly as our imaginations, taste buds and modern technology can create new ‘food’ products.”

Health, ideal weight and body composition are built upon a foundation of proper food and lifestyle choices that have been proven over a very, very long period of time.