Getting in Shape Is Simple

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(DGIwire) A study done at McMaster University showed that muscular development is not really the amount of weight you lift but the fact that you stress your muscles.  It is muscular fatigue that is the critical point in building muscle and heavy weights are not required.

People often think they need to belong to a gym or own a set of weights to build muscle.  The problem is that many people can’t seem to fit in time for regular trips to the gym or have no interest for various reasons.

However, there are many others who report noticeable gains in lean body mass exercising for only 3-5 minutes, intermittently throughout the day.  Better yet, what surprises people is that this muscle gain can be achieved while they are simultaneously losing excess body fat and making drastic improvements in their body composition.

According to Dian Griesel, Ph.D. and Tom Griesel, co-authors of TurboCharged, there are several simple reasons why this is possible.  Mostly it has to do with consistently fatiguing the main muscle groups.  This can be easily accomplished by incorporating different forms of push-ups and body-weight squats (and pull-ups if a bar is available).  These exercises that can be done anywhere, requires no special equipment and can be made easier or more difficult depending on a person’s current condition and strength by varying the angle of attack or using readily available props.

The keys are: to always do the exercise as intensely as possible based on your current condition, the faster the better, always using good form; to limit the time for each session to just one minute and do as many repetitions as possible in that minute; and, to do three to five sets each day, six to seven days per week.  If one full minute is not possible, rest for a few seconds and do a couple more reps.  Maintain muscle tension for a full minute and do as many reps as you possibly can in that minute.

Using this strategy has several advantages:  it doesn’t take much time; it can be done anywhere and anytime in any clothes; if done with good form, intensity and speed, it will be sufficient to fatigue your muscles setting them up for strength gains; the volume over a week’s time really adds up and has a favorable conditioning effect on the heart and metabolism; the overall metabolic stress on the body is low; the probability of injury or overexertion is significantly reduced with short duration, body-weight exercises; and, the exercises are “functional” which means the new strength they provide will carry over to your other everyday activities.

If you look for ways to walk more or enjoy some other physical activity wherever possible , you’ll see even better results.

Why not give it a try for a month and you will be surprised how quickly you can increase your strength.  Beware:  You may never go back to traditional exercise routines ever again.

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