Glue without Stickiness: Is It Possible?

Broken Glasses

(DGIwire) — Ever found yourself in a sticky situation? We sure have here at ReviewLoft. However, when we heard about Bondic®, the first liquid plastic welder that can fix just about anything, you can imagine how excited we were. The worst part about repairing something is the mess it creates, especially when using heavy-duty products like superglues. You run the risk of hurting your hands, damaging your clothes, and even ruining the product you’re attempting to fix. Bondic® is aiming to change all of that, and in a matter of four seconds. Bondic® starts off in a non-abrasive liquid state and then becomes as hard as plastic when you simply shine a UV light on it. Not only does this work as a strong sealant, it makes the mending process so much easier. Since the solution stays in liquid form until the UV light is used, you can mess up, retry, spill it, etc. without worrying about it drying early.

IMG_0607We tried Bondic® on a favorite pair of broken glasses that one of our coworkers was unwilling to part with in hopes that our Bondic ReviewLoft experiment would successfully get those glasses back on her face. Making the challenge greater, we allowed a 12 year old to test the product. Bondic® worked as fast as it said it would (4 seconds) and was as strong as the plastic the frames were originally made from. A huge plus was learning that this product wouldn’t dry out like normal glue does, ensuring its strength for years to come.

While we can tell you how much we love this product all day, we think what really seals the deal is the creators. This product was invented in conjunction with an oral surgeon—an expert who clearly knows a thing or two about strong sealants. After fixing teeth for years, he thought it was only fair to share his talents with the rest of the world by helping create a product that uses the same technology that he invented for dental procedures. The oral surgeon and current CEO, Robert Harbauer, ensured that the product was not only strong but could stand up against tough environmental conditions and could even be used underwater.

We’d love to share our Bondic® with all you readers, but we are a little too attached to it right now. Feel free to pick up a bottle sometime soon and see how Bondic® can fix anything from iPhone cords to your broken heel.

You can pick up your own Bondic® at or at Amazon.

ReviewLoft received and tested one tube of Bondic® prior to writing this review. No other compensation was received.