GPS for Joints: Could Surgeons Using Computer Technology Get You Where You Want to be Faster?

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 (DGIwire) — Computers continue to transform every aspect of modern life. In hospitals, “surgical navigation”—surgery with the assistance of computers—is enabling surgeons to achieve greater accuracy during a wide range of procedures, including knee replacement.

Among the innovators in this exciting arena is OMNIlife science, Inc., a Massachusetts company that designs, manufactures and distributes high-quality orthopedic medical devices developed specifically for total joint replacement. OMNI has developed the ART™ Surgical Navigation System—an advanced, restorative surgical solution that lets orthopedic surgeons perform total knee replacement surgery utilizing cutting-edge, computer-assisted techniques. ART, which stands for APEX Robotic Technology™, incorporates patented imaging software as well as an intelligent robotic cutting guide.

“This dynamic combination allows for precise bone resections and an optimized implant position based on each individual patient’s anatomy,” explains George B. Cipolletti, President and CEO of OMNIlife science. “ART empowers surgeons and hospitals to address the specific needs of a large and growing population suffering from knee pain due to osteoarthritis.”

The components of ART include the company’s patented BONE MORPHING® technology, which allows the surgeon to build a patient-specific 3D model of the knee in real time in order to perform a virtual surgical plan prior to making any critical bone cuts. Once the plan is completed and visualized, ART provides the surgeon the ability to carry out this surgery with greater accuracy than with conventional methods.If needed, ART instrumentation allows for simple, precise adjustment intra-operatively, ensuring that the knee joint will be aligned and well-balanced.

BONE MORPHING technology is complemented by the robotic iBlock® Cutting Guide, an intelligent instrument that automatically positions a bone-cutting guide exactly as planned by surgeons, enabling them to perform fast, accurate bone cuts that improve implant alignment. iBlock’s versatility is a unique feature that offers surgeons the option of customizing their surgery.

Because each individual is unique in their anatomy, the surgeon will still make every decision during the operation—and this includes making all of the necessary bone and soft tissue cuts on his or her own. However, ARTis designed to help maximize the surgeon’s ability to provide the best possible outcome.

As a result of its numerous benefits, ART allows surgeons performing knee replacements to follow a three-part protocol. First, BONE MORPHING technology computes the specific anatomy of the knee joint as the surgeon digitizes the bone. Second, ART software and instruments help the surgeon to position cutting guides with a high degree of precision. Third, the knee prosthesis is implanted, and the surgeon performs a final check and ligament balancing.

With ART to guide them as they work, orthopedic surgeons are refining the art of knee replacement surgery to an unprecedented degree.

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