Helping Documentary Makers Excel in a Changing Environment

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 (DGIwire) – Documentary makers stand at a conspicuous crossroads today. As magazines and newspapers increasingly fold and TV news divisions reduce staff, the baton has been passed to documentarians to tell important stories. The good news for documentarians is that the public’s appetite seems hearty, if not outright ravenous.

From a professional standpoint, documentaries are also an attractive alternative to feature films. They are less costly to produce, so the financial risks are lower. They can also be more rewarding creatively, since documentaries are first and foremost a craft centered on telling stories based on compelling real-life events. In addition, the documentarian can be involved in just about every aspect—from directing and producing right down to running the camera.

However, many well-produced documentaries with captivating themes still find it difficult to gain an audience. There are a myriad of reasons for this, including reality television and promotional videos that replicate the documentary aesthetic and threaten to undermine the genre’s authenticity and integrity.

For years, Manhattan Center Productions has been the production home to documentary producers, helping their productions shine their brightest. Located in midtown Manhattan, MCP offers talented production crews, sound and recording engineers and others who possess the technical savvy to help facilitate the editing and post production process.

Manhattan Center itself, as a performance venue with its Hammerstein Ballroom and Grand Ballroom—both linked to its recording and television studios—has been a mecca for entertainment and music for over a century. Toward that end, its state-of-the-art event and recording facilities remain among the most cutting-edge, able to boast of many memorable live performances, film scores recordings, broadcasts, telethons and Tony Award-winning Broadway albums.

Manhattan Center Productions offers multiple video/television production and editing facilities, all with technology and staffing to satisfy any client, from music stars to corporations to documentarians seeking the very best production values for their project.

OBie O’Brien, Manhattan Center Productions’ Director of Audio & Video Production, says, “Today’s documentary filmmakers, aware of the challenges they face, are understandingly searching for an edge, be it a new style, a different angle or a fresh perspective. As a result, several recent documentary films have been hailed as innovative and groundbreaking. As technical liaisons in this process, we help ensure that they have all the critical elements in place in a way that helps them achieve the desired results—public attention and acclaim for their important work.”

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