Hey Skaters: Illuminate That Board in Blazing Colors

(DGIwire) – Skateboarders are a striking sight to watch…during daylight hours. But we at ReviewLoft know that as the sun starts to set, it can get harder to see all their daring moves. Which is why we were intrigued when a package filled with Board Blazers showed up at our doorstep. These fully customizable, self-adhesive, battery-powered LED skateboard underglow lights—which are available in eight blazing colors—attach to the bottom of any kind of board and give that ride a memorable glow.

This cool idea was apparently born on the Arizona State University campus one night in 2011, when student Greg Rudolph spotted a skater who had duct-taped bulky Christmas lights to his skateboard. Inspired, the young entrepreneur risked his personal savings to create Board Blazers.

The skaters on the ReviewLoft staff feel that Board Blazers would be an ideal ornament for use on longboards or for young skaters who want to add special pizzazz to their rides. Super-lightweight and concealed until they’re twisted on, they are a classic way to light up a board. Different color lights can be combined to instantly personalize a ride, show team spirit, or represent a school while blazing through the night. Simply stick on the lights and go—there’s no board disassembly or screws required, and no wires or heavy batteries to weigh riders down.

Each Board Blazers package contains four lights of the same color, specialized adhesive pads and long-lasting, easily replaceable mini button cell batteries that last 30 hours each. Riders simply twist each light manually to turn it on or off. Each light is about the diameter of a quarter and slightly less than an inch tall. Mix and match all eight colors: Radical Red, Crazy Color-Changing, Lightning Lime, Poppin’ Pink, Wild White, Blazing Blue, Outrageous Orange and Boss Black Light.

Every package of Board Blazers comes with a mini-diagram with suggestions for placement of the lights, so that they do not contact the wheels, the trucks or the ground, or are too close to the nose or tail of the board. There are also complete instructions on how to affix the lights properly.

A package of four LED lights sells for $24.99 on the Board Blazers website or two sets are available for $35. Replacement batteries and replacement adhesive are also available on the website.

No matter which colors a skateboarder sticks on the bottom of a board, Board Blazers offer an ideal way to personalize this awesome activity—and make sure that spectators get an unforgettable show every time.

ReviewLoft received three sets of Board Blazers. We tested them out and now the younger shredders on our team are using them!  No other compensation was received.