How Recording Studios Inject “Magic” into Movies

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(DGIwire) — When the weather takes a turn for the worse, many people flock to the movies. Although it’s nice to sit inside a cozy theater with a tub of warm buttery popcorn, or even to watch from the comfort of one’s own living room, not every movie makes us forget about frigid cold or oppressive heat. The best movies make us forget our problems by immersing us in onscreen action. But there’s another key element: the score. Its job is to set the tone, and it can influence the audience’s mood.

One NYC facility proves the power of a movie score to influence viewers. Manhattan Center Productions (MCP), located at 311 West 34th Street in midtown Manhattan, operates the city’s most advanced recording studios and production facilities. Some of the most iconic movie soundtracks of the past century were recorded here. In fact, the score for Warner Brothers’ Don Juan (1926)—the very first film score in history—was recorded in the Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom using the most advanced technology then available, along with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. Several Academy Award-winning film scores and Oscar-nominated soundtracks have since been recorded in the same space.

The Grand Ballroom is connected to MCP’s HD television control rooms, making it the ideal option to tape a live broadcast. In addition to its go-to recording studio for film score, Studio 7, another recording studio, called the Log Cabin, has become one of the most sought-after recording studios with its rustic wood and stone design complimented by its full inventory of gear.

Although recording technology has advanced over the past century, the strong commitment to excellence has remained the same. “We have seen countless one-of-a-kind performances, including film scores, classical recordings, broadcasts, and telethons come through our space,” said OBie O’Brien, Manhattan Center Productions’ Director of Audio & Video Production. “In the past three months alone, we hosted Howard Stern’s Birthday Bash, Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker, and the alternative rock band My Bloody Valentine, just to name a few.”

“The acoustics here are top-notch,” said Darren Moore, Chief Audio Engineer of Manhattan Center Productions. “Our studios have become the standard for recording film scores and soundtracks. With all these amenities, these studios offer moviemakers a critically important aspect to enhance their motion pictures.”

Manhattan Center Productions offers more than 20 edit rooms with cutting-edge technology for the crucial post-production stages of any video or television project. In addition, these suites are connected to over 48 terabytes of network storage, ideal for large-scale projects.

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