How Well-Equipped Labs Advance the Life Sciences


(DGIwire) — Medical schools have a hard job: training the next generation of doctors and medical researchers. Since our lives are in the hands of these folks, we can only hope they’ve been educated and trained using the best technology available. It might be a daunting task for a medical school to ensure that its training labs are completely up-to-date. Fortunately for them, there’s a company that has already done the legwork to make a well-equipped laboratory a reality—and it’s been doing it on an increasingly grand scale for more than 100 years.

Based in Holliston, MA, Harvard Bioscience, Inc. is a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of solutions to advance life science. It sells and distributes advanced technology to thousands of researchers in more 100 countries. Harvard Bioscience began in 1901 at Harvard University when Dr. William T. Porter started manufacturing his own lab equipment after being dissatisfied with the poor quality of the ones the medical school provided for him. From there, Dr. Porter went on to found the American Journal of Physiology and to become one of the leading physiologists of his day. His tools quickly gained an enviable reputation for quality and reliability, and became the seed for what the company would eventually grow into.

“Our goal is to become the leading provider for life science research solutions, and ultimately help to improve medical and life sciences research,” said Jeffrey A. Duchemin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Harvard Bioscience. “We want medical school students to have access to top-of-the-line equipment that’s being used out in the field, so that the next generation of life-saving discoveries could be made.”

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