Ideal Health: Simplified

Healthy Woman

(DGIwire)  It may seem too good to be true but achieving optimal health is really very simple according to health expert Tom Griesel, co-author of  Turbocharged: Accelerate Your Fat Burning Metabolism, Get Lean Fast and Leave Diet and Exercise Rules in the Dust. He offers the following insights for those who want to get on the fast track to achieving health goals.

1) Focus on improvement in body composition not reductions in scale weight.
2) Consume as much whole, natural food as possible.
3) Avoid man-made processed foods and supplements as much as possible.
4) Be as active as possible.
5) Build lean body mass.
6) Be happy with every positive change you make, even the small ones.
7) Relax.

1) TurboChargers rely on changes in body composition to guide them.  Scale weight and BMI will not give the critical information and feedback needed to build a lean, healthy body.  Most traditional dieting efforts result in loss of lean body mass along with fat.  This is bad.

2) TurboChargers stick with the type of foods the human race evolved on for hundreds-of-thousands of years.  These are fresh, natural foods as close as possible to the way Mother Nature delivers them: Fruits, vegetables, tubers, nuts, seeds, eggs, seafood and meat.

3) TurboChargers avoid all man-made processed “fake” foods that deliver only empty calories and zero nutrition.  These foods are alien substances and are toxic to our bodies and wellbeing.

4) TurboChargers are as active as possible, always looking for ways to increase activity.  Walking is a most natural and perfect form of locomotion and “exercise”.

5) TurboChargers build their lean body mass and muscles by performing short but frequent daily strength building exercises.

6) TurboChargers are always happy with every positive diet and lifestyle change they make no matter how small it might seem. They know they are always building health with each new healthy habit.

7) TurboChargers relax.  They make a point to get a good night’s sleep every night and take frequent mini-relaxation breaks during the day.  They know that they are on the road to Leandom and visualize their ideal body and optimal health at all times.

There is no rocket science required and greater health really is very simple. Following this blueprint and you’ll be TurboCharged and on the right road to health faster than you might imagine.