In the Silver Disobedience Playbook, the Secret Ingredient is Love

Essays by @SilverDisobedience Provide Endless Inspiration for Living and Loving Agelessly

(DGIwire)  NEW YORK— Many factors, including advances in technology and healthcare, have changed notions and realities of aging. People are living longer, delaying parenthood, entering second marriages and, in many ways, pushing their own personal “restart” buttons. Still, while all this is happening, many would say that despite the years that have accrued, they feel as if they’re still about 20 years old at heart, looking in the mirror and wondering what in the world happened. Now, however, many boomers and beyond have started not just to accept and honor what changes with age, but also to embrace the spirit of the Silver Disobedience movement, founded by Dian Griesel, which began as rejection of the notion that aging equates to irrelevancy or obsolescence. With the publication of The Silver Disobedience Playbook (ISBN: 978-1732966918) a compilation of portable essays written by Griesel, the roar of those age 50-plus is likely to get louder. As she says in her Introduction, “the book is in response to the hundreds of thousands of people who read the Silver Disobedience® blog daily and have asked for the essays in book form so they can be carried everywhere.”

At age 58, the author, who was recently featured by AARP as a Top 50+ influencer and who is a sought-after perception analyst regarding the philosophy of aging gracefully, exemplifies the demographic she calls “Silver Disobedients™”. A successful entrepreneur who runs her communications company, DGI Comm, in addition to her consulting firm, Silver Disobedience Inc., Griesel is also a Wilhelmina model in the Icon division and the bestselling author of multiple business and health books. A married mom of a teenager and a young adult, Dian began writing her essay-style blog, Silver Disobedience®, in late fall 2017. Clearly she struck a chord, as her “tribe” rapidly grew to more than 300,000 social media followers ages 48+. Now more than 600,000 emotion-filled and detailed comments have been posted in response to Griesel’s blogs, and Griesel personally engages back with most of them.

“It is truly heartwarming and amazing to see how quickly this passionate community has grown in just under 18 months,” says Griesel, who is also a columnist for, a member of the Authors Guild, the Hypnotherapists Union and the American Counseling Association. “I enjoy our interactions immensely.”

As she explains: “While my essays began as personal meditations to myself to ‘walk the talk,’ they are also gentle reminders of our individual powers, strengths and the common nature of human emotion. Each day, it is fascinating to witness how Silver Disobedients™ are redefining what ‘older’ is, lives like, wants and needs in their lives and in basically every consumer vertical.  It is something every smart company should heed if they want to earn the loyalty and business of this enormously powerful and important demographic.”

The book is available in paperback on Amazon, with electronic and audio versions planned.


Susan Forman