In the Year of the Cupcake, All Cupcakes Are Not Created Equal


(DGIwire) — Cupcakes are enjoying a popularity that ten years ago, no one could possibly have predicted. If you had told someone in 2006, that they were going to attend a wedding with cupcakes in lieu of a wedding cake, no one would have believed it. Or even a wedding cake made out of cupcakes. It would have been impossible to imagine.

But here we are in 2016, and we seem to be in the “Year of the Cupcake.” They are literally everywhere. Stores popping up in all cities and towns dedicated to “The Cupcake” and all it’s newfound versatility. Beautiful productions that in some cases are so realistic and detailed they look inedible. You sometimes have to force yourself to take that first bite into the craftsmanship that went into its creation.

So you can imagine our delight here at ReviewLoft, when we were asked to review samples from “Sugar Sketch”, an Italian Cakery owned by Martina Nardo, right here in New York City. Sugar Sketch is a full service Cakery with quiches, cakes (occasion and wedding), pies, desserts and coffees, but Ms. Nardo knows cupcakes. And she knows that she knows cupcakes because it’s what she chose to send over for us to sample. Sample, we did.

rose-cupcakeIn all honesty, we expected to be underwhelmed. We are always happy to sample baked goods but a cupcake is a cupcake is a cupcake, right? You can’t cross a street in NYC without running into one. Boy, were we wrong! We were, each and every one of us, pleasantly surprised to find that some of the cupcakes were filled with a surprise dollop of cream filling! Vanilla, chocolate, banana…..NUTELLA?? Then topped with delectable buttercream frosting options like coconut, cannoli, lemon….more NUTELLA?? The cupcakes were gone in an hour.

We were happy that she sent over samples of her other treats to try. The two types of Breakfast Squares; Chocolate with Pear and Fig and the equally delicious Vanilla Apple. Also a big hit were the Nutty Nutella Brownies (we like Nutella).

Sugar Sketch is located at 172 East 2nd Street in NYC. To order customized cupcakes call 646.922.7272 or just stop by to see what daily flavors are available, along with their many other cakery items including some of the most beautiful wedding cakes we’ve ever seen! Delivery is available. You can also email Martina at

Bon cupcake!