It’s Time to Cut the Cable Box Cord and Get Green with the Mohu ReLeaf


(DGIwire) — Does this sound familiar? Moving to a new place, trying to set up a home theater – only to wait for hours, days weeks for someone in a polo shirt to flip a switch (i.e. “install” cable)? What about bills that skyrocket monthly only to have the privilege of lousy service? The option of getting a million channels that no one’s ever heard of, or just ten in a cable/internet “package” that can’t really be figured out?

Sounds like its time to cut the cord and get some relief – or should we say ReLeaf –with the handy Mohu ReLeaf that the ReviewLoft team had the pleasure of testing. We admit, at first, mentally cutting the cord was really difficult for us TV buffs that didn’t grow up with YouTube and instead begged for cable. “But Becky down the street has the Disney Channel,” we’d say. Well, the decision became easy and our fears were quelled once we saw what the Mohu ReLeaf was all about.

The Mohu ReLeaf is a TV antenna that has a retail value of $49.99. It is also one of the greenest TV antennas out there that can not only reduce cable bills (or make them go away altogether!) but also reduce energy bills.

Our favorite part? The Mohu ReLeaf is literally (and we mean this in the proper way) crushing cable. Once old cable boxes are cleaned (of metals, circuits, stickers, etc.), the plastic is ground, extruded and pelletized. Next it is melted down and poured into the mold that produces the final plastic piece for ReLeaf. This plastic piece serves as the bridge between the antenna and the coaxial cable.

In addition, the ReLeaf is paper-thin (dressers, walls and countertops can display pictures of family and friends instead of an ugly cable box) because it is basically paper and made of 30% post-consumer recycled cardboard. It is also 100% chlorine-free.

Thinking installation is going to require extra help? Think again. Steps are basically as follows: Take out of the box. Plug coaxial cable into antenna. Plug other end into TV. Scan for channels. DONE. Oh, and did we tell you the personal-pizza-like box the antenna is packaged in comes in can also be turned into a tripod for the Mohu ReLeaf? Yup. The Mohu people have thought of everything.

For the techies who are still to be convinced here are some other features: the coaxial cable can be swapped for different lengths; it is compatible with 1080 HD broadcasts and ready for 4K Ultra HD; and there’s no need to point the antenna in any particular direction. It’s absolutely not one of those 1950’s rabbit ear things and can be mounted anywhere. Storms can easily knock out cable and satellite signals (hello Hurricane Sandy), but the Mohu can stay on with access to local weather, news, emergencies and school closings.

When we tested the Mohu ReLeaf, we had a crystal clear picture of each local broadcast network (CBS, ABC, NBC, CW, etc.) plus additional channels like Home Shopping Network (the mother-in-law can come over now…), totaling about 50. We live in the NYC area, so we can pick up a lot of channels within Mohu ReLeaf’s 30-mile radius. We’ll miss you, Pat Kiernan, but we are happy with the decision to cut the cord and get some green with the Mohu ReLeaf.

Buy the Mohu ReLeaf here:

ReviewLoft received and tested one Mohu ReLeaf. We liked it, so we’re praising it!