Journey of Healing: A Woman’s Path to Healing Self and Others

Journey of Healing

(DGIwire) — Many books have been written about the benefits of living, eating and breathing a healthy lifestyle. But rarely does an author infuse such personal and sometimes painful stories from their own journey such that the reader can’t put the book down. According to the team at ReviewLoft, this is what award-winning author and TV Host Kathy Gruver, Ph.D., LMT accomplished with her book: Journey of Healing; One woman’s path to healing self and others.”

Dr. Kathy Gruver shares humorous and sometimes tragic anecdotes from her childhood years to the present within the pages of Journey of Healing. Readers get glimpses into this remarkable woman’s life. Clearly Dr. Gruver is a fighter who has worked hard to overcome obstacles that would have crushed the spirits of lesser women. Reading her courageous journey is inspiring. declares this a perfect introductory book for anyone who has doubts about alternative healing. Just reading (and re-reading) the four pages (in easy-to-read list form) on “How to Stay Sick” and “How to Stay Healthy” is enough of a catalyst to explore a more homeopathic lifestyle. Dr. Gruver makes it seem so simple.

And it is! Chapter by chapter Dr. Gruver takes the reader through the different ways to tap into one’s mind, body and spirit as a way to heal. She shares the natural tools, inspiration and inner strength interested readers can to “jump right in with both feet”, which is exactly what she did in a hysterical cliff diving story she shares.

Herbs, essential oils, chiropractic adjustments, massage, hypnosis, visualization techniques, meditation, affirmations, chakras, Reiki or just being “active participants” in our healing…this is a book full of options, or a “buffet” as Dr. Gruver herself states in her introduction. What is different about this particular feast is the warmth, honesty and humor that pepper her sometimes trial-by-error and sometime trial-by-fire stories. A must-read for anyone looking to make healthy changes in their life and live in the “here and now.” To quote the final three words of the accomplished author’s sixth boo…”Go for it!”

Copies of “Journey of Healing; One woman’s path to healing self and others can be ordered at or via Amazon.   Dr. Gruver can also be reached at or by calling 805-680-1984 .

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