Keeping Soldiers Safe: One CEO’s Quest

(DGIwire) – Nicholas Clark is CEO and Director of Alexium International, a specialty chemicals manufacturer. But his sense of obligation extends far beyond his company—it encompasses U.S. military forces as well. In a recent profile of Clark on, he detailed how he came to be concerned for the welfare of American military personnel.

Clark himself was a soldier, serving in the Defence Force in his native Australia and later serving as a U.N. Peacekeeper. He noted that these experiences intimately shaped his feelings toward serving the wider community, and especially the military, even after he found success as an entrepreneur. In fact, he remembered the selflessness that informs the duties of a soldier and used it to inform his attitudes toward running a company and developing a sense of social responsibility.

“There is no question that a military background is something that helps form the foundation of who you grow up to be,” Clark tells Reflecting on his desire for outreach, he adds, “I think the real entrepreneurs, the heartfelt ones, want to create a real legacy—something that they can be remembered for.”

Clark is fulfilling this desire at Alexium, which is working on a contract to develop fire-retardant treatments for fabric military uniforms. The company developed a chemical solution designed for its military division called Alexiflam FR that works well with nylon/cotton blends, which are typical for products like military uniforms. In addition to uniforms, Alexium’s chemistries have been developed to protect military tents, backpacks, tactical gear and accessories. These initiatives are just part of the company’s efforts on a broader scale.

“The environmentally friendly chemistry we have developed makes the military’s uniforms better,” Clark adds. “Doing something beneficial for America’s armed forces feels good because I and my team are contributing to the good of those who protect our country. Being able to supply better military uniforms ultimately strengthens our society in a way that is a top priority for us—and one that will continue to be important to me and my team.”