Making Sense of Military Experiences and the Aftermath

(DGIwire) – On 9/11 Timothy Redmond was a freshly-minted prosecutor with the Brooklyn, New York District Attorney’s Office. He thought he’d left his eight-year career as a Green Beret behind as his train pulled into the World Trade Center station on that fateful morning. Three months later he was in Afghanistan, in uniform, with his old A-Team, gearing up for the fight of their lives.

What experiences did Redmond and other front-line men and women endure—officers and rank-and-file alike—that still send so many of them back home unable to successfully reintegrate into civilian life, with too many of them feeling suicidal?

To convey the answers, Redmond has developed two signature talks—“From Special Forces in Afghanistan to JAG Officer in DC: Discovering Myself & What We Are Really Fighting For,” and “The Paradox of Multiple Deployments: Why Soldiers Choose to Go Back Into Combat Repeatedly.” He has also written a modern-day war memoir, As You Were: The Journey From 9/11. The talks and book give lively, entertaining, but deeply moving insights into what it costs to be a soldier.

Redmond describes, in sometimes colorful, sometimes poignant language, stories of war involving he and his wartime buddies, and reflects upon the true causes of warrior maladjustments. He discusses why some of these returning soldiers want to end their lives upon returning home to what often feels like an alien world. He compares his experiences with what others have written–Sebastian Junger, Erich Remarque and Ernest Hemingway, to name but a few. In his talks and in his book audiences and readers follow his team of Special Forces as they journey through the horrors of war and the joys and comedy of their shared camaraderie—and their struggles to return to a home they can no longer make sense of.

Redmond entertains, enlightens and inspires audiences with his talks, which he freely offers at no charge. He covers such timely and important topics as why we fight, the nature of Low-Intensity Conflict, and what we know about PTSD. He also shows us who today’s soldier is really fighting for, and offers sometimes hilarious, sometimes surprising reflections on deployment, reentry and on war itself.

Today Redmond is still on active duty. He has gotten his commission and is now a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps, where he is involved in classified litigation with the Office of Military Commissions, Office of the Chief Prosecutor. And, while there are no easy answers to the issues he raises, Timothy Redmond’s talks and remarkably candid book provide his audiences and readers with a more lively, accurate, and ultimately inspiring perspective than we might get from other sources–including the news.

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