Manhattan Center Productions Grabs a Bigger Piece of the Recording Pie

Saxophone player on stage, portrait

(DGIwire) — Many of Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters” as well as fans of New Zealand’s pop darling Lorde were on hand to attend their consecutive performances in the intimate setting of the Roseland Ballroom this past April. Both events were also bittersweet: Roseland shut its doors following their shows. At one time a New York institution, rent costs and other factors made staying open impossible, according to Roseland’s owners.

While Roseland will certainly be missed, New York still offers plenty of other performance spaces and a few unique state-of-the-art recording facilities. In fact, just one city mile away—20 blocks being a city mile—sits the answer to every artists’ performing and recording need. Manhattan Center Productions (MCP) is a mecca for all things music, not to mention that Manhattan Center’s Hammerstein Ballroom and Grand Ballroom are at the top of the list of “must play there” performance venues for many of music’s biggest stars.

MCP’s acclaimed recording studios and television production studios are the only truly independent facilities of their kind:  providing the latest technology while setting the industry standard for sound and video.   Regularly attracting top musical icons, MCP offers more than 20 edit rooms that use cutting-edge innovation for crucial post-production. In addition, these suites are connected to plenty of network storage, making them ideal for large-scale projects. While the recording technology has certainly advanced over the past century, the facility’s strong commitment to excellence has remained the same.

Film score, television and music producers all site the interconnection between MCP’s audio recording studios along with its HD television control rooms as top of the list reasons why these facilities are ideal location for any multimedia production.  Darren Moore, Chief Audio Engineer at MCP says, “The acoustics here are top-notch, and our studios have become the standard for recording concerts and soundtracks. Whether an artist is performing classical or rock music with a full orchestra or is in a small chamber ensemble, the sound quality they get will be impeccable.”

Manhattan Center’s famed Hammerstein Ballroom features a state-of-the-art concert sound system and incredible 40-foot ceiling, plus several strategic rigging points that cater to any production requirement. It is also connected to MCP’s HD television control rooms, making it the ideal option to tape a live broadcast, concert or any performance where sound is an essential element.

Roseland’s closure is a sad event for performers worldwide.  However, the market remains vital for top talent seeking to perform and record in NYC.

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