Marrying the Classical and the Contemporary in One Ultramodern Studio


(DGIwire) — For classical music lovers, the fact that their favorite genre has long taken a backseat to the pop and rock music on the Billboard charts has to be disheartening. However, vindication is at hand: it seems as if symphonic music is finally making a comeback. Recently, a group of contemporary American composers created a musical series called All-Star Orchestra. Their goal was to provide a way for more people to experience, explore and enjoy the emotional power that symphonic music can hold. The series featured eight one-hour episodes where they paired a popular symphonic score with a brilliant new work by a contemporary American composer.

It was quite a project, but it certainly paid off—they took home two awards at the 57th Annual New York Emmy Awards, the award show that honors outstanding reporting, documentaries, and television specials filmed in New York.

Choosing a venue from which to broadcast and film All-Star Orchestra might have been a daunting task, but not for the producers and directors, because they chose wisely. They decided to record their performance at New York’s renowned Manhattan Center Productions. Located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, Manhattan Center Productions operates the city’s most advanced recording studios and production facilities, and has recorded some of the most iconic movie soundtracks and symphonies of the past century. In fact, the score for Warner Brothers’ Don Juan (1926), the very first film score in history, was recorded there, with the full orchestra seated in the Center’s Grand Ballroom. Since then, Academy Award-winning film scores and now Emmy-winning specials have been recorded in the same space.

While the recording technology has certainly advanced over the past century, Manhattan Center Productions’ strong commitment to excellence has remained the same. Its studios are hooked up to its state-of-the-art ballrooms, making it the perfect venue to record a live show. They also offer more than 20 editing rooms capable of accommodating the most demanding online or self-supervised offline editing clientele. The post-production suites have fiber and copper connectivity to over 48 terabytes of shared network storage. Additionally, all suites are wired to a clean server room where they supply storage or the client can choose to bring its own server space.

“We were pleased when All-Star Orchestra chose to perform and film at our venue,” said OBie O’Brien, Director of Audio & Video Production at Manhattan Center Productions. “We share their commitment to preserving the art of classical music and we were able to capture the essence of blending classical pieces with contemporary masters.”

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