Micro-Needling: A Mini-Facelift at Home?

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(DGIwire) — We were all giddy and nervous when ReviewLoft received four different micro-needling pens from MesoLyft coupled with the promise to improve the appearance of our lips, faces, hands, necks and puffy eyes. Skeptics that we are, we decided to do a bit (quite a bit!) of research on sites other than the company’s to learn exactly what micro-needling was and ultimately determine if we wanted to try it.

Although we weren’t familiar with micro-needling, we learned that it is not a new process. The science behind MesoLyft Micro-Needle Skincare Technology is actually inspired by the centuries-old European beauty treatment of mesotherapy or micro vitamin injections. These minimally invasive micro-needling treatments are believed to promote skin rejuvenation as fine needles create tiny punctures in the top layer of skin that in turn trigger the body to “heal” or “recover” by releasing collagen and elastin.

Certainly all of us at the ReviewLoft team liked the idea of rejuvenating our skin. After all, we all have witnessed the results of loss of collagen and elastin that happens as we age, namely wrinkles and a duller skin appearance. MesoLyft was offering the promise of plumper and fuller lips, a brighter complexion, improved pores, fewer wrinkles, reduction of fine lines and overall smoother skin texture. All this added beauty sounded great and hard to resist.

With enthusiasm, we decided to begin our “youth-i-fying” experiment with the MesoLyft Neck dermaroller because we were a bit nervous about the idea of intentionally adding little holes to our faces—even if the holes were basically invisible to the human eye. We activated our micro-needling pen by priming the pump, which releases a soothing blend of well-established ingredients such as mango butter, aloe vera extract, papaya, jojoba, dill extract, vitamin E and C, retinol and ginkgo biloba, onto the dermaroller that has the micro-needles. Then, following the directions, we rolled our pens over our necks 10 times vertically, then 10 times horizontally. Our necks got slightly reddened and we could feel a bit of tingling—but nothing at all uncomfortable. By morning, whether it was an actual instant improvement or our imaginations…we all thought our necks looked better. It seemed that a bit of exfoliation took place and the skin was more smooth and plumped. So we repeated the process the next day and the next—until we decided MesoLyft is a product we really like! Several of us on the ReviewLoft team decided we were more than willing to test MesoLyft micro-needling on our lips, eyes and faces. We’re happy to report, that as of this review, we all feel that MesoLyft Micro-Needle Skincare Technology is improving the appearance of our skin where applied.

Although we’ve only been using MesoLyft for slightly more than two weeks now, we all agree: we’re going to have to buy this product again and again in the future when our pens run out. We each believe that our skin textures are looking better, brighter and tighter. The MesoLyft products deliver on their promise of fuller luscious lips, silky smooth skin, a more youthful neck and décolletage and brighter rested eyes.

ReviewLoft received five MesoLyft Micro-Needle Skincare Technology Devices. We used them, liked them and are favorably reviewing them. No other compensation was received.