Music Videos to Make the World Stand Up and Take Notice of Talent

BonJovi-Slash MC

 (DGIwire) — Music videos have had a massive influence on popular culture for decades. MTV made the first wave of music videos popular. YouTube took it a giant step further, and even helped make unknowns like Justin Bieber famous. Many iconic videos, such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Madonna’s “Like a Virgin,” have stood the test of time.

The art of music videos continues to grow and evolve today. Making one might be among the most challenging, creative and rewarding projects a musician will ever undertake. They are mandatory in promoting bands and helping them break through to the next level.

In essence, a music video is a short film that tells a thematic story set to music. In most instances, an individual artist or band is the protagonist with a narrative set around them. There aren’t set rules when it comes to style; they run the gamut from bands simply performing their songs on stage to intricate dance numbers and even animations.

With almost limitless creative license, the more original and inventive an artist or band is, the more it will distinguish their style from other artists in their musical category.

That said, in order to truly stand out, working with professionals is of the utmost importance. That’s where Manhattan Center Productions located at 311 West 34th Street, enters the stage—or shall we say, enters the studio. Their team of studio professionals including camera crew and sound engineers, are all right there to help above-the-line producers and directors make the world-at-large pay attention.

MCP’s state-of-the-art recording facilities and its television studios, in addition to the Manhattan Center’s event spaces remain among the world’s most sought-after. It has also been the site of countless performances, films score recordings, broadcasts, webcasts, web streams, and award-winning albums.

The best part is that even with its longstanding roster of A-listers, MCP is equally enthusiastic about working with newcomers on a budget. “It doesn’t take a degree from Juilliard to know that having a compelling music video has never been more important for singers and bands who want to get themselves on the proverbial map.” says OBie O’Brien, Manhattan Center Productions’ Director of Audio & Video Production. “It’s a realm of professional video production that can make or break careers, and we are delighted to work with both established names and up-and-coming artists.”

Sounds like an ideal way to make a music video that can not only rock the house but also rock an artist’s—and audience’s—world.

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