No Investors? No Problem by Marty Schultz, Now Available on Amazon and From Booksellers Nationwide

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How Bootstrapping Leads to Business Success

(DGIwire No Investors? No Problem!: A Serial Bootstrapper’s Playbook for Breakthrough Success on a Shoestring Budget (New Voices Press, 2019) by Marty Schultz, a serial entrepreneur, mentor-speaker, angel fund investor and award-winning innovator, is now available for purchase through Amazon  in softcover and for Kindle, and from booksellers nationwide.

No Investors, No Problem teaches young entrepreneurs key lessons in how to bootstrap their company in lieu of raising investment. In a series of informative chapters, Schultz draws on his own experiences in the business world to explain why bootstrapping makes more sense, and the value of delaying fund-raising until an entrepreneur has removed most of the risk for investors.

Each chapter is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with crucial information that Schultz knows will save readers money and time, by sharing what he learned throughout his career. The book not only explains what needs to be done—e.g., find a mentor—but also provides action plans and suggestions for readers to act on Schultz’s advice and suggestions. Each chapter concludes with a list of “Key Takeaways” so readers can go back and easily review specific chapters, as well as keep the book as a handy reference as they continue on their entrepreneurial journey.

“Time and time again throughout my career, bootstrapping has proven its value as a powerful tool for getting a fledgling company through its initial stages,” says Schultz. “I want today’s budding entrepreneurs to be able to benefit from the same strategies that have helped me along the road to business success, and avoid the costly mistakes that can all too easily snag a young business. In No Investors, No Problem, I have condensed the insights I’ve gathered into an accessible format that can be consulted at each stage along the path of business development. I think it will be appreciated by a wide cross-section of readers.”

More About Marty Schultz:

Marty Schultz is the President and Co-Founder of Objective Ed, an organization providing students with disabilities with educational games to achieve the best educational outcomes, and the CEO and Founder of Blindfold Games, now a division of Objective Ed. He has also served as CEO/Founder of McGruff SafeGuard; President/Co-Founder of; President/Founder of Omtool; and CEO/Founder of Softbol.


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