NYC SHUT Skate Celebrates 30 Years of Shredding

SHUT Street Posse

(DGIwire) — As a way to beat California boredom during the surfing off-season, skateboarding first appeared in the late 1950s. Simple as it sounds, kids found flat planks to surf the streets when there were no waves. More than than 65 years later, the U.S. skateboarding industry is worth more than $5 billion with more than 13 million skateboarders nationwide.

When its popularity grew and skateboarding came over to the east coast, skateboard legends Rodney Smith and Bruno Musso recognized the need for heavy-duty skate gear. On the west coast, skateboarders had empty swimming pools and concrete parks while east coast skaters shredded pavement between buildings, on rails, ledges and curbs. Gear that was suitable for pools and parks were not for New York SHUT TeamCity’s tough streets. Rodney and Bruno were joined by top names Jefferson Pang, Sean Sheffey, Jeremy “Bobo” Henderson, FELIX, Coco Santiago, Chris “Dune” Pastras, Billy Waldman, and Barker Barrett to form the first skate company in New York, calling themselves SHUT Skates. SHUT Skates looked to provide durable, quality U.S.-made gear for the skate community. Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, the iconic #ShutTeam includes Luis Tolentino, Dan Carreiro, Kyle Hamilton, Leo Gutman, Pat Hoblin, Jake Lamagno, Jason Klotz, Mike Powley, and Bogdan Dzyurak.

SHUT Skates Vice President Michael Cohen comments, “As skaters ourselves, SHUT recognizes the functional skating gear needed for New York City’s streets. SHUT’s longevity is due to our unique relationship with the skate community, and we’re extremely proud to celebrate our 30th anniversary in an industry that lives between what was once almost illegal and what is now becoming mainstream.”

As New York City’s oldest skateboard company, SHUT Skates is a mainstay in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. More than 10,000 Twitter followers and 9,500 Facebook fans (and growing) form SHUT Skates’ large but tight-knit skateboarding community. SHUT Skates plays an essential role in cultivating the skateboarding culture in New York City by sponsoring community events such as SkateNight, Adult Go Skateboarding Day, Skate Chicks and partnering with local NYC businesses. SHUT is also an active supporter of the Harold Hunter Foundation and its community based initiatives to support skateboarding and skateboarders. As skateboarding evolves, we’re sure SHUT Skates will remain game-changers of New York City’s skateboarding scene.

Available worldwide, SHUT Skates caters to skateboarders performing tricks at all levels. Whether freestyle, aerial, street or slalom skating—SHUT NYC serves the hottest custom skate boards, accessories and apparel in the game.

To access the SHUT Skate shop and more, check out the legendary SHUT Skateboards Company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @shutnyc.