Obesity is Becoming Normal

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 (DGIwire) — Europe is following a trend which started here in the United States. The World Health Organization (WHO), issued an obesity report for Europe. They looked at obesity levels in the 53 countries that comprise the European Region and found the results very disturbing, saying that up to 27 percent of 13-year-olds and 33 percent of 11-year-olds are overweight.

As more and more people are becoming overweight, obesity is becoming the “new normal” according to the report. This perception is sure to have a detrimental effect on current and future generations.

The report cites a combination of lower levels of physical inactivity, coupled with an environment that promotes cheap, convenient foods that are high in sugars, fats and salt. It is important to note that this combination is not found in any whole, natural foods and has been identified as particularly problematic when it comes to weight gain.

According to the report, Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain have the highest adolescent obesity rates while the Netherlands and Switzerland had the lowest rates. They cite the lack of exercise and activity a significant part of the problem. This was consistently observed in most countries.

However, they found that France and some Scandinavian countries have managed to contain the obesity rates through targeted government intervention. Initiating policies that promote vegetable and fruit consumption in schools, imposing taxes on certain foods to reduce intake, controlling advertising and marketing and taking actions to promote physical activity were cited as key steps.

The report stressed the need to create environments where physical activity is encouraged and the healthy foods are the default choice, regardless of social group.

“Although government policies and intervention may prove helpful, eating and living as nature intended is the key to achieving your individual ideal body composition and optimal health. Avoiding man-made refined and processed foods is critical. Not only do they lack essential nutrients, they are loaded with an unnatural amount of calories and other ingredients and combinations of questionable value”, according to health experts Dian Griesel, Ph. D. and Tom Griesel, co-authors of TurboCharged: Accelerate Your Fat Burning Metabolism, Get Lean Fast and Leave Diet and Exercise Rules in the Dust (BSH 2011).

Tom Griesel adds, “By eating plenty of whole, natural foods, increasing overall activity and following some other simple steps, you can avoid joining the ranks of “the new normal” and the poor health and chronic diseases they commonly experience.

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