Offering Sports Dreams & Equipment, A Non-Profit Grows Rapidly

(DGIwire) – When brothers Anthony, Dylan and Matthew Sica were growing up on Long Island, NY, they had a garage full of sports equipment to enjoy. A few years later, they had outgrown that equipment, but much of it was still in great condition. That’s when inspiration struck the three brothers and their father, Anthony: why not donate it all to children in need?

“What started as a community project for my sons five years ago has since grown into a non-profit organization—2nd Chance Sports—that donates gently used and new sporting equipment to children from disadvantaged backgrounds,” says Mr. Sica, who is employed full time as a Managing Director and partner of Joseph Gunnar & Co., a full-service broker-dealer located in New York City.

2nd Chance Sports has celebrated several recent milestones. First, the elder Anthony Sica was appointed President of the organization. In addition to this, 2nd Chance Sports celebrated its collection and donation of more than 25,000 pieces of equipment—a major achievement that was reached just after the fifth anniversary of the organization’s founding. More recently, 2nd Chance Sports has expanded outside the New York City area with the opening of a location in Ann Arbor, Michigan, under the direction of organization co-founder Dylan Sica.

“Achieving these types of milestones encourages us to continue the mission that we embarked on half a decade ago,” President Anthony Sica says. “We see this organization as a great means of expressing awareness and compassion for disadvantaged kids who cannot afford to purchase sports equipment on their own. It allows concerned individuals to help improve the lives of children in need—one ball and one child at a time.”

A wise range of news stories illustrate the expense of sports equipment and the positive impact that an organization such as 2nd Chance Sports can have as a result. According to the Washington Post, for example, children from low-income households are only half as likely to play one day’s worth of team sports than children from households earning at least $100,000—with the consequence that kids’ team sports has divided into “sports-haves” and “have-nots.”

2nd Chance Sports collects donations of baseball equipment (including baseballs, gloves, bats, helmets, catcher’s gear, protective gear, etc.); football equipment (including footballs, helmets, shoulder pads, football pants and pads); lacrosse equipment (including sticks, helmets and protective gear); soccer balls and shin guards; basketballs; girls’ softball equipment (including gloves, bats, softballs and helmets); tennis rackets; and hockey equipment (including sticks, helmets, gloves, pants, pads and protective gear). Donated items should be clean and in good working condition, and include all necessary parts.

Those who are interested in the mission of 2nd Chance Sports, and who are eager to join the effort to provide sports equipment to children in need, are invited to learn more about the organization and find a list of equipment drop-off locations by visiting