What can Platformance™ do for you?

Platformance™ by DGI
Every week Platformance™ by DGI starts conversations. Not just any conversations — customized and targeted conversations with your desired audiences. Millions of people are reached and compelled to keep the dialogue going. They take action! They share our engaging, informative, custom branded content with others. Our client partners benefit and are happy with the response. They are gaining new advocates for their brands, reaching new consumers and partners, raising their thought-leadership into the status-phere™ and, often, watching their articles inspire traditional media coverage.

Platformance™ by DGI
strategically raises visibility.

  • Feature your company, brand or service in newsworthy, informative and highly-shared sponsored digital content
  • Reach new targeted consumers, advocates and partners through one of the largest collective social media platform that is defined by limited content and high traffic
  • Build Awareness and increase the likelihood of social engagement and sharing
  • Attract a broad yet targeted highly engaged online audience of multiple millions
  • Deliver outstanding proven and measurable reach and response
  • Instantly Disseminate & Place your sponsored news content into the news feeds of more than 100 online outlets with more than 100 million visitors collectively
  • Boost Reach with an average 8x+ return over any ad words campaign
  • Feed 395,000+ Opted-In Social Media Followers your news
  • Identify and Tag Advocates & Influencers most likely to read and report on your customized articles to maximize interactions and reach
  • Inspire Sharing at record numbers per article
  • Email Thousands of Jounalists & Bloggers who have opted in to receive our updates that trigger traditional media interviews and coverage
  • Perform at a pre-established, flat-fee investment

Regardless of the industry, DGIwire has been proven time and time again for its ability to find, build and convert new audiences that are essential for the growth and marketshare of businesses, products and services. Results are delivered as strategic visibility is reached.

In the past year, Platformance™ by DGI has enrolled enthusiastic brand advocates; raised the visibility of  a variety of consumer goods with new targeted audiences including clothing, apps, wearable devices, wines and jewelry; raised awareness of clinical trials, launched patient portals and increased visibility of healthcare products; attracted desirable attention from Congress; publicized major events and venues; triggered sales of goods ranging from ten dollars to  more than a million dollars per unit; introduced disruptive technologies: and more.


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