Proactively ‘Planting’ an Effective Anti-Counterfeiting Measure

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(DGIwire) – By 2015, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) expects the value of counterfeit goods globally to exceed $1.7 trillion. That’s more than two percent of the world’s total current economic output. In a CNNMoney report, Jeffrey Hardy, head of the anti-counterfeiting program at ICC, says the counterfeiting business is exploding—and it goes way beyond music and Gucci bags.

Obviously, no one wants the global economy to be drained like this. Counterfeit products result in lost sales and a waste of valuable company resources. Meanwhile, modern counterfeiting goes beyond our traditional understanding. It is not only fake products: hackers are selling bogus bundles of “likes” and “followers” and any other intangible assets one can imagine. Every industry is affected—today, no one is immune from these nefarious criminals, on and offline.

When confronted with it, what steps need to be taken to minimize the damage? First, of course, having a set of commercial agreements that were drafted specifically for the needs of the company, and paying close attention to intellectual property-related terms, can make a big difference in enforcement efforts. For example, recording a company’s registered trademarks with customs offices in various countries is one cost-effective way of creating a first line of defense against counterfeit goods being imported into strategically important jurisdictions.

Unfortunately, however, there are times when even the most careful precautions aren’t enough. But what if a company could be positioned so that it never has to face this problem? There is a company out there to help prevent such security breaches or help trace the breach and track down the offenders. The mission of Stony Brook, NY-based Applied DNA Sciences is to create unique security solutions that address the challenges today’s corporations and organizations face with regard to counterfeiting.

Applied DNA’s flagship product is SigNature® DNA, which uses plant DNA to mark products and to track and help convict criminals. The mark is embedded into ink, varnish, fabric, laminates, metal coatings and more, without in any way comprising the quality of the product.

James A. Hayward, President and CEO of Applied DNA Sciences, says, “Counterfeit products are out there in droves, on a global basis, and customers often have no idea what they are really buying. Counterfeits undermine the reputation of a brand while also undermining our economy. Laying the foundation for an effective anti-counterfeiting strategy makes a critical difference. Our technology provides a way of protecting the supply chain for legitimate brands and their unsuspecting consumers against criminal activity.”

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