Protecting Independent Artists in the Complex World of Music Publishing

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 (DGIwire) – Imagine someone who’s always loved music and is now aiming to turn their passion into a profession. They’ve even written a few songs. Friends and family are telling them they’ve got what it takes to become the Next Big Thing in music, and they’ve even scored a regular gig at a local restaurant and bar.

But wait. Before they quit their day job, there are some crucial things they need to know about the ins and outs of music publishing, to ensure that their material is protected without infringing on anyone else’s work.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the majority of published music today is controlled by a limited number of companies, namely Universal Music Publishing, Warner Chappell Music Publishing and the soon-to-be-created Sony Publishing Corporation merger of Sony/ATV and EMI. For good or ill, these three companies are the ones that will control most of the world’s music, along with a majority of licensing fees, for many decades to come.

The challenge for today’s aspiring musicians is how to safeguard themselves in the age of YouTube, which is now music’s premier platform for discovering and promoting new talent but is not regulated for copyright infringement.

One way is to work with qualified professionals who can guide them down the right path. And that’s precisely where New York City’s Manhattan Center Productions (MCP) has an unparalleled track record for hitting the high note every time. MCP—located at the heart of Manhattan at 311 West 34th Street—recently joined forces with seven-time Grammy Award-winning music producer Gordon Williams and his Lalabela Entertainment Group, to form a new music publishing and production division designed specifically for new musicians.

MCP is a mecca for all things media, entertainment and music. Its state-of-the-art recording facilities and television production studios remain among the most sought-after on the planet. It continues to be the site for live performances, film score recordings, live television broadcasts, telethons and Tony Award-winning Broadway album recordings. The best part of all is that even with its longstanding roster of A-listers, MCP is equally enthusiastic about working with newcomers on a budget.

Peter Ross, President of MCP, says, “The most efficient way for independent musicians and songwriters to share in the revenue for what they create is to collaborate with a professional team experienced in this area—one that knows how to offer the proper counsel to ensure they get their fair share. Now, with MCP’s alliance with Gordon and The Lalabela Entertainment Group, whose credits include successful projects with everyone from Diana Ross to Quincy Jones, from Amy Winehouse to Lauryn Hill, artists will be able to get the kind of financial rewards and recognition they deserve.”

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