Protein Made Easy!

Marco-- Chef's Cut Jerky

(DGIwire) — Gathering information on diet and nutrition isn’t easy because there is very conflicting messaging on the internet and elsewhere. But despite what is said, there is one concept that it seems everyone can agree on: EAT PROTEIN. Whether someone is trying to bulk up or slim down, protein can help.

In a recent study published by the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, researchers concluded that protein makes people feel fuller longer. When that 3:00 PM hour rolls around, how nice would it be to still feel FULL and not be tempted by, oh, just about anything and everything no matter its nutritional value? Aimless snacking when ravenously hungry is what derails many people’s streak of healthy eating! Takeaway: eat protein!

Another study, published by Nutrition & Metabolism, went as far as to investigate WHEN protein should be eaten. A group of men did leg extensions and then followed one of three whey protein regimens: 10 grams every 1.5 hours; 20 grams every three hours; or 40 grams every six hours. Guess what? Muscle-building potential was best when ate protein every three hours. Once again, the takeaway: eat protein!

While might be easy to incorporate protein in meals, we at ReviewLoft know that finding a protein-filled snack can sometimes be a challenge.

Chef’s Cut Real Jerky not only makes it easy for people to get their protein fill—with an amazing line of steak, chicken, bacon and turkey jerky (12g of protein per serving!)—but they also make it with only the finest REAL ingredients. The ReviewLoft team, which includes many self-described health nuts, was immediately impressed by the ingredient lists for each flavor of jerky, but completely won over by the taste. From Chipotle Cracked Pepper to Honey Barbecue to Sriracha (just to name a few!), each bite packed a punch of flavor that will make one think, I can get used to this whole protein thing!

For smarter snacking and eating more protein, visit to order it online or find a store nearby. With so many choices, ReviewLoft recommends ordering the variety pack, which includes free shipping. received, ate and enjoyed the entire contents of a box filled with 6 different Chef’s Cut Real Jerky.  No other compensation was received.