Pushing Out a New Gown Design To Help Improve Patient Satisfaction

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(DGIwire) – Patients are admitted to the hospital for all kinds of reasons—from CAT scans to organ transplants to labor and delivery. No matter what the reason for admittance, one aspect of each visit is typically the same—the basic hospital gown.

Being admitted to the hospital can leave patients in a vulnerable state. When the garment they are provided with is of poor quality, it usually does not help to provide comfort or sense of dignity throughout the process. Hospital gowns are usually paper thin, ill-fitting and expose parts of the body that most would prefer to be kept private…or at least limited to their doctors’ eyes. In fact, a study conducted by JAMA on inpatient attire found that attire leaving the backside and genital areas unnecessarily exposed affects patients’ dignity. When a patient’s dignity has been lowered, that hospital satisfaction rating probably isn’t too far behind.

Providing gowns that can offer patients comfort, mobility, less exposure, easy access for monitors and IVs can potentially go a long way towards positively affecting a patient’s self-respect. In an effort to help restore some dignity back into patients’ visits and improve patient satisfaction rates, hospitals across the nation are moving toward adopting higher-quality gowns with these attributes. One hospital gown style may no longer be sufficient for all of the different reasons patients are admitted to a hospital. After all, a patient admitted for an X-ray does not have the same medical needs as a female patient admitted to give birth. Hospitals may want to have different styles of hospital gowns for different patient needs—improving the patients’ experiences while also making medical treatment more accessible without compromising on cleanliness and strict hospital protocols.

One example is Community Hospital in Colorado, which provides Pretty Pushers labor and delivery patient gowns directly to patients in the Labor and Delivery ward. Recognizing that unisex traditional hospital gowns are not conducive to a woman’s pregnant shape or the medical procedures associated with labor, this hospital wanted to offer its pregnant female patients an alternative gown uniquely designed for the specific requirements of childbirth. The Pretty Pushers hospital gown has subtle openings that aid the medical process—allowing for monitors, IV’s, epidurals when necessary, nursing with discretion and modesty and encouraging skin-to-skin contact between the mother and newborn. Unlike the usual hospital gown, this gown variety is offered in one size and plus size, both with adjustable straps to accommodate all body types at any stage of pregnancy. In addition, the gowns have been have been well tested in multiple industrial washes. These modifications and unique design elements are not available in traditional hospital gown styles. As an example, by providing these high-quality gowns to patients in the Labor & Delivery ward, Community Hospital is showing its pregnant clientele that their comfort throughout the birthing process is taken into consideration.

When patients enter a hospital, they want to feel valued—not like they’re “patient XYZ.” Providing patient gowns, like the ones made by Pretty Pushers, that are designed to meet specific patient needs is one way for hospitals to show patients they are prioritizing their needs. Hospitals looking for ways to improve their patient satisfaction rates may want to consider making the transition away from the average hospital gown and start providing patients with high-quality gowns. Many testimonials from moms and their delivery teams are available at prettypushers.com discussing how the Pretty Pushers hospital gowns have enhanced the overall experience for moms and medical professionals alike.