Putting the Right Equipment into the Right Hands to Save Lives

Mujer científico mirando muestra

(DGIwire) — The expression “You’re only as good as your equipment” applies to many areas of life, including scientific advances. One can hardly overestimate the importance of medical technology developers as they smooth the path toward advances in bioscience. Many people are alive today because they were treated with a revolutionary procedure that would not have been possible in an earlier generation.

One illustration of an advance with big consequences: the development of stain-free gels. Researchers at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute use these gels to show how target genes regulate low-density lipoprotein receptor protein (LDLR). Dr. Frederick Bauzon, a professor at California State University, East Bay, discovered that reducing LDLR expression decreases the amount of available receptor protein, which normally binds LDLs circulating in the bloodstream and transports them back inside the cell. Bauzon and his team were trying to show how this target gene regulates LDLR. Stain-free gels saved them considerable time in that portion of their research. What traditionally took two to three days to complete now takes them the 25 minutes with stain-free gels.

One source where laboratories can go to find the latest, greatest, easiest and most comfortable equipment is Harvard Bioscience, a global developer, manufacturer, and marketer of a broad range of solutions to advance life science. Researchers in more than 100 countries worldwide use its quality products.

The company was founded in 1901 by Dr. William T. Porter with the goal of supporting the growth of bioscience research. Unhappy with the selection of instruments available at the time, Porter started manufacturing his own equipment in the basement of Harvard Medical School.

Harvard Bioscience CEO and President Jeffrey A. Duchemin says, “Our goal is to get the latest, best equipment into laboratories in order to help researchers around the globe to advance life science.”

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