Restaurants Are Using Better Ingredients as a Recipe for Success

(DGIwire) – Consumers are demanding more transparency from their food and restaurant chains are responding by offering better ingredients and healthier options. As a recent article on notes, many chains are also starting to modify their menus to meet a variety of needs such as those of vegans, vegetarians and dieters; removing antibiotics from their meat; and pushing toward greater customization of food items—all in the quest to make sure customers can get exactly what they want.

“There is a significant benefit in keeping tabs on customers’ particular preferences,” says Mike Pruitt, CEO of Chanticleer Holdings, the owner, operator and franchisor of multiple nationally recognized restaurant brands. “While it is important for chains to be consistent with menu items that have proven to be successful, it is equally critical to afford each restaurant the liberty to make additions that appeal to local patrons. This form of association with the community promotes both loyalty and growth.”

Chanticleer is the owner and franchisor of 63 restaurants, spanning the Little Big Burger, American Burger Co., BGR Burgers Grilled Right and Just Fresh chains, as well as several Hooters franchise locations; it is also part owner of Hooters’ parent company. Chanticleer has long benefitted from its unique sensitivity to local tastes and communities, and this is reflected in the offerings at its various chains and locations.

Although each of the chains Chanticleer oversees is different, they all embody the “Chanticleer touch”: The use of local, fresh ingredients; offering regional specials to align with tastes within a particular area (like different styles of chicken); supporting local communities (such as rewarding local sports champions with a free meal); aiding local businesses (by carrying items like local craft beers); and much more. As a result, Chanticleer’s chain restaurant locations are run more like independent restaurants—with great care and flexibility that caters to the diners’ experience and ensures the vibe and culture, as well as the value, remains top-notch.

Chanticleer has also gained a reputation of mixing up the offerings at each of its chains—from simple burgers and truffle fries at Little Big Burger, with its own trademarked catsup and fry sauce, to the full-scale menus at American Burger and BGR Burgers Grilled Right—with a wide choice of health-conscious offerings available at Just Fresh in between.

“Keeping an ear trained on what our customers want—across all of the regions in which we operate—is key to ensuring return visits to our locations, and adapting local menus to cater to evolving tastes will always be a mainstay of this strategy,” Pruitt adds.